a wedding anniversary

Sep 1, 2008 | Life in Progress

7 yr wedding anniversay. we spent the afternoon in san fran, had dinner and mojitos in little italy. i love this man. i really do.
this photo was taken sat evening as the sun was setting. we were sitting outside a hip little italian restaurant in little italy (san fran), having huge mojitos, pasta dishes, and chocolate dessert. good times. good times.

we were 23 + 24 when we started dating in florida – i had just finished grad school and john was just about to finish his degree in nursing. back in those young years i dated and smooched a lot of boys and swore i would never get married. and then i met john and my heart nearly exploded with ‘oh so this is what they’re talking about when they talk about being in love.’ we saw one another nearly everyday in those weeks, made one another mix tapes, and flew very high on the wings of young love. twelve weeks after our first date and totally adventurous in our youth + relationship, we packed his tiny honda civic hatchback with the things we couldn’t live without and set off for portland, oregon. it was a grand adventure, and likely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. it was there that we settled into our love, and where our lives continued to grow and expand and reach over the years.

looking back now, i think about just how young we were – how sure we were, how in it we were, how secure we were in our hearts’ knowing. nearly 10 years later, we’re now 33 + 34, still in love. still growing. still doing our best to support each other in every way possible. our love hasn’t always been easy. but it’s always been strong and deeply alive and compassionate. we’re a good team.

in my book dedication, i wrote: “to my husband, john, who knew, well before i did, what i could do. without a doubt, you have taught me how love unearths the best parts of ourselves.”

and i mean that. happy anniversary, baby.

Sending much love,

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