homeward bound

Mar 31, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

(my trades for artfest – magnets. oh i love these)
i’m ready for familiar faces and artmaking and shared meals with new friends. i’m ready for the northwest cold, the rain, and to wear my brown boots with tights. i’m so ready for time with my mom, with myself in the place i call home (portland), and for stillness inside the wonderful frenetic energy that is artfest. yep, totally ready. i’m especially ready for the many smiles and hugs and joyous reunions with my friends.

see you guys in a week. and thank you for bearing with my moodiness as of late. for so many reasons, including many many good ones, i’ve felt a bit tender lately. sometimes trying to live consciously and truly witness one’s life can feel muddy inside all the joy. and there is SO much joy.


Sending much love,

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  1. Paula

    I just was “introduced” to you on Ali Edwards’ blog. LOVE your work and had to add a comment, seeing as how I am Paula Rae Roberts. How many …Rae Roberts does one come across in a lifetime? 🙂

  2. Dale

    I hope artfest goes wonderfully for all you artists that are out there. I am there with everyone in spirit…

    I was flipping through old issues of cloth paper scissors and stumbled across an article you wrote about blogging. I found some of the art there so inspiring i had to try my hand at that style myself :).

  3. Apple

    Awesome, awesome magnets…I just love them!!!

  4. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    The magnets are great and I hope you have a wonderful and refreshing time. I look forward to your return and tales of adventure.

    xo Rella

  5. MMB

    wish I was goin… next year I will be there. Love your magnets and art! Thank you so much for sharing your journey- I cannot put into words how much it helps to see. You will never know how many people’s lives are touched by what you do- keep it up!

  6. Ms Dragonfly

    you make it sound so inviting. again, have a great time!

  7. Tami R.

    Have so much fun Kelly Rae!!! I love the magnets you made!
    Tami R.

  8. Lina

    Have a great time!! I am SO sorry i am missing it, but hopefully next year…

  9. justagirl

    I have make magnets like yours of my own work for a Artfest type thing we have here and I love the look of them, seeing lots of them altogether, feeds my hunger for mulitples.
    Have fun.

  10. Katrina

    my goodness, dear kelly rae! look at all that work you’ve done. wonderful, wonderful. enjoy your retreat adventures and that road trip up the coast with your mama too. (de.light.ful.) hope to see you when you get back to oakland. xoxo, k.

  11. kelly

    oh…have fun. love the magnets!

  12. Patti G.

    OHHHHHH ENJOY your trip home! :0)
    I am sure artfest will rejuvinate you and time with your Mom will soothe your little heart too!
    LOVE your magnet trades, and everyone else will too!
    Safe journey and have a truly wonderful time!
    Wish I was going!


    have a wonderful time….feel the joy….and BTW…the magnets are great !!! 🙂

  14. Joy

    Love the magnets… very cool… you guys are going to have fun.

  15. Anonymous

    I ended up looking at your flikr photos and noticed a piece you uploaded in may, 2006 called hold on. It is so different from your current work (we do evolve)! I love it (and your new work). Is it still available in a print?


  16. Kirsten Michelle

    these little trade magnets are gorgeous, sweetie.
    have a FABULOUS time back home!!!

  17. Dawn

    Kelly Rae: I must meet you at Artfest! Been an admirer of your art and blog for quite a while…I’ll be in Dorm 202, room 7…Hope to see you! (And trade with you)



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