i don’t know what i’m feeling

Feb 14, 2006 | Life in Progress

i really believe that what you put out into the world, both good and bad, comes back to you in one way or another. i believe it with friendships, with family, with strangers, with animals, with myself. i want to live my life so that the joy is mine, in giving and receiving. sometimes i wonder if i’m giving to others what they need. and is that something i need to concern myself with? i think so. or is it just the people pleaser in me? am i sincere enough? honest enough? too aloof? sometimes i think i need an assessment from the people in my life. like “yes, you’re a good friend, but you could really work on your listening skills.” or “you’re a real sweetie but enough yapping about yourself, already.” john and i sometimes touch base with each other about what is and what’s not working in our relationship. why don’t we do that more often in our friendships, family relations? don’t those need maintenance from time to time? i dunno. perhaps i’m being a bit sensitive and paranoid, but sometimes i wonder if i’m putting out into the world and into my relationships what they need. i just want to be a good friend. good partner. good dog owner. good person. i feel so incredibly blessed to have the friendships and relationships that i have, that i suppose i’m hoping the people on the other end of those relationships feel blessed to have me, too. but then that feels selfish. i don’t know what i’m feeling.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    darling, you are the hugest, kindest angel i have ever known. you do more than enough to align and concern yourself with all of those in your life. as one girl proud to know you well, you rock, girl. and i am so thankful to have your voice and vision in my life.



  2. karen

    I feel blessed to have you! Wish we had time to touch base and build/maintain our relationship more often. As it is, I’m thankful that we’ve managed to have a relationship for more than 15 years. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on that last email. More soon. 🙂 XOXO – Karen


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