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Aug 8, 2006 | Life in Progress

Capturing Memories. Available here.

i started this piece after writing my last post. her little heart reads “remember.” funny how it all comes out.

we are headed up north tomorrow for a camping trip for the remainder of the week. we are so looking forward to the nights in the campground, which is on the coast, playing scrabble in our tent. during the days we’ll be surfing (me, included), lounging, reading, hanging with each other and our dog, bella. and the best part? my good friend ali will be joining us (all the way from the east coast) with her fiance. good times, good times. i’ll write when we return, pictures included.

Sending much love,

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  1. disa
  2. britt

    beautiful expression kelly. this one is very special. i can totally feel that emotion with her. 🙂

  3. Laini Taylor

    Ooh, hope you have a great time! Good luck with the surfing! Looking forward to seeing the picutres. And I love this painting!

  4. lil kim

    this is a great piece. perhaps she is remembering something sad. the words in the background help create that feeling. really nicely done.

  5. Christine Lim Simpson

    Gorgeous. I like the colours in this piece. There is something melancholy about the lady that took me in. You can probably say that she stole my heart and make me fall in love with her.

  6. Alina Chau

    beautiful style!

  7. Camila Dias

    Very very beautiful! I loved your style and the details that make this picture lovely!

  8. J.Valentine

    I am lovin’ the wings! This is lovely!

  9. ValGalArt

    Beautiful art and beautiful plans!Have a wonderful time!

  10. liz elayne

    this is fantastic kelly.
    i love her eyes…and the background about when you began creating her…what prompted her.

  11. Yolanda

    This is myy favorite so far. I love it.

  12. Rhonda

    I love this ..It is so sensitive and sweet

  13. potatomamma

    you have a very unique and nice style =) like it very much, there’s depth to it, and the paintings have interesting levels =)

  14. matt

    tell Ali I said hello.

  15. Naru

    nice illo. I like your color a lot:)

  16. kerrip

    love it. color, composition, subject matter, and the background textures. I am posting for the first time today and already screwed it up, oh well!

  17. Diane Duda

    Ths is really lovely. I always click on your name because one of my best high school friends was Kelly Rae Tomayko. Your name always makes me think of her. Hope you have fun camping with your old friend!

  18. Mab - Art and Design

    She’s beautiful Kelly – really gorgeous.. I love the depth of colours and the detail that you do. Have a wonderful camping trip.. it sounds great!


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