I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Thursday, April 27

A favorite mural in NE Portland.

I was taking a warm bath when the sun popped out from behind the clouds and flooded our room with light. The view, with Lulu wrapped in golden light, had me all. I have been feeling so GOOD lately. Inspired. Excited for what’s ahead. Motivated. And just enjoying the slow pace of life lately. Really grateful.

Friday, April 28

Currently making flower crowns for May Day celebration at True’s outdoor forest school.

Hello from a lovely May Day celebration in the forest! Also, can we please wear flower crowns everyday?

Currently at the park with this weirdo. Check our insta story for a peek into her snorts and runs.

Friends, after months of obsessing over the possibility of an art shed in our backyard, I’m going for it. The Saltbox drawing in the middle will soon be built in our little yard and I cannot wait to paint it up, cute-ify the heck out of it, and create my own little fort for making art. Who’s gonna come over and play with me? In addition to wearing flower crowns on the daily, I think we all need a backyard playhouse of our own. Yes?

Calling it a day, y’all. This was True’s crown today. Ivy with a splash of purple. Love how much he loves his school.

Saturday, April 29

My weekly Saturday flower market loot. It’s still cold and cloudy here in Portland, OR but feels like Spring inside. This is part of my practice of creating the experiences we most need. I need Spring. And so, flowers.

Today was a little exercise, lounging outside with the family, a bit of biz admin work on the front porch, talks with neighbors, and thinking about upcoming travel to NYC. Thoughts that popped into my head several times today: thank you for stability, health, joy in my family.

Saturday, April 30

My friend Amy (@rarebyrdamy) just texted this to me. Who knew a painting of mine would one day come alive!

Monday, May 1

Goooood morning, Monday. Captured this gorgeous light before it snuck back in the clouds. I’m working on room tour posts for you guys and a super fun low-key, no pressure decorating course for us Possibilitarians. Super excited y’all! But for now, let’s enjoy this Monday.

Monday’s are generally one of my fullest days. I try and get to emails (I generally answer non urgent emails just once a week), get my calendar and priorities scheduled for the week, have a big meeting with Nichole, and then workout from 5-6. But this. This is how I generally cap off Mondays – with a bit of soul care involving a soaking session, a book, and a view of beloved Portland. I am in constant gratitude that this is my life. It’s taken me years to get consistent soul care and I’m certain it will always be a push/pull experience but I’m glad the huge learning curve of making it happen is behind me. Also, I just got this book. Have you read it?

Tuesday, May 2

I love that her mood look hasn’t changed since her puppy days. Y’all, I’m heading to bed. Goodnight, day. Goodnight, friends.

Wednesday, May 3

The sun is out! Amen a million times.

I mean can you EVEN? @lynzeelynx birthed the most magical being. I love having this baby in my life. She is all mush and light and dreamy.

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