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Mar 2, 2017 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Thursday, February 23

Current view. Reading Harry Potter to True who is snuggled up in Lulu’s dog bed by the fire. We are almost done with Book #1 and we both looove it.

Annnnnd we’re out. Goodnight, friends.

Friday, February 24

Hello, central Oregon!

Sunday, February 26

Notes and doodles while talking biz lady stuff.

There are many connections and relationships that I have grieved and wished for in my life, but I will say that the one obvious and incredibly graceful thread – the thing that has so fortunately woven its blessings time and time again through my life – is a sense of belonging among women. They have mothered me, cried with me, laughed at my neuroses with me, challenged me, celebrated me. Sometimes they ebb and flow through like angels only for a particular season of life and sometimes we hang in for dear life, for life. Either way, I do not take our connected journeys for granted and I count my lucky stars for the ways grace has given me this blessing.

Thank you to these ladies for a weekend of biz/boss lady dreaming, questioning, and considering all the big things there are to consider when building lives of creativity and biz.

Monday, February 27

I can’t even. Ever.
Loving this new piece. It’s a bit different for me, a color combo I don’t generally use but I love it. Here’s to creative expansion, always.

Tuesday, February 28

Good morning from the land of Kelly Rae’s homeI refreshed this little nook with a painting that True and I collaborated on a couple of years ago (Sabrina Ward Harrison inspired, of course) and a large pink planter pot. Working from home has me falling in a new kind of love with our home. I am crazy grateful to have a roof, warmth, food, and a place to call home.
Yep. That’s Lulu lounging on top of True. About one second later True yelled, “Lulu! BOUNDARIES!”

Wednesday, March 1

Good morning from a cold Portland! Today it’s a Skype with one of my besties, a work date with Nichole, and the return of John who has been gone for over a week. Photo by @shesawthings
It doesn’t look like it, but Lulu loves being held. She insists on being a lap dog at 60 pounds. And I don’t mind one bit.
My journey of fitness continues. 4 solid months of consistent intense training. I’ve plateaued a bit with my weight loss (gonna start tracking my WW points more strictly), but my heart health, endurance, energy, and discipline have come VERY far. I am proud of myself for finding the time, for allowing myself all the feelings and doing it anyway, for not giving up, and for staying the course even when all I wanna do is eat pasta and take a hot bath at the end of day. Thank you @lynzeelynx for being my fitness buddy and for being in this particular journey (among other life journeys) with me.


Sending much love,

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  1. SFord

    We have a mucky springer spaniel who loves mud too. We shower him down after each walk if he is muddy but only use shampoo if hes rolled in something smelly!

    However, I do have to make sure I wash the throws on our bed weekly due to hair and grit that he brings in on his paws. It does mean that I can’t have heirloom/expensive quilts on the bed as they wouldn’t stand up to weekly washing but I plan to make my own patchwork at some point – just got to find time!

  2. carolyn edwards

    I so love all your posts but having a dog in my life I have to wonder when I see Lulu in your beautiful beds how often you bathe her…I have a dog in my life and after hiking on dirt trails with him he can get pretty dirty & no way we would let him in our bed…just curious.

    So love your home and being a bit of a pack rat & someone who doesn’t love dusting I just wonder how you do it.

    Keep up your beautiful art and messages. luv, carolyn

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      she gets a weekly bath 🙂


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