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Feb 23, 2017 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Thursday, February 16

When I told True I wouldn’t be going to Mexico after all he said, “Well, that’s GREAT news for me because it means I won’t lose any snuuggggglllleeess!” We’ve been in such a dear rhythm lately. Parenting gifts us with so many ins and outs of seasons and phases and rhythms. Many of them harsh, long. And I am grateful for them all but these sweet times of tenderness and getting spoiled with love from your child…well, there’s nothing like it.
This is a photo of how True tucks in his beloved lovies each day after he makes his bed and before he heads to school. I adore the care and attention he gives them.
Also, can we please talk about the genius idea of a bed frame lamp? Found this one on Amazon and I’m pretty sure it’s one of True’s favorite things in his room.
Thanks for all the well wishes. I’m gutted to be missing out on Mexico with @matirose and @andreascher (Again! This exact scenario happened to me four years ago), but I’m feeling better each day.

Friday, February 17

Current view. I’ve been geeking out over decor mags and Pinterest today as I dream about creating an addition to our home (sunroom vs covered outdoor living space? Hmmmmm). I’m hoping that my imagining it is energy for the universe to create it.

Saturday, February 18

Found them like this morning, watching the birds outside.

Sunday, February 19

I am usually the Queen of Scrabble but today he beat me. Also, I was this close to playing “instinct” but no second “n” on the board. Nooooo!

Monday, February 20

Monday sunshine for you! I oddly was wide awake at 430am. Decided to get up and get to work. Best. Decision. Ever. I wish my body would do that on a more regular basis:). Happy Monday, friends.

Tuesday, February 21

Someone is NOT a morning dog. She refuses to move as I make the bed. Every. Single. Morning.

Wednesday, February 22

Making stuff for my kids line;).

We try and do a family photoshoot each year. I never ever regret it. We just sort of hang around and do our family thing while some captures us. Super informal. This year @shesawthings took our photos and I’m in love! This photo of True kills me. If he could, he’d have a photographer follow him around all day, chat their ears off, and strike a pose in every possible moment.

Sending much love,

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