I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Thursday, April 20

We’ve both had such a full day. I’m ending it with a gym and soak session and she’s decided to go straight to sleep. Ah.

Friday, April 21

Amen and amen.

It was a GLORIOUS day here in Portland, Oregon. I drove around today with the windows down and a huge smile on my face. Also, just feeling really grateful and excited about life, art, business, friendships

Saturday, April 22

Had the loveliest evening at my home. I had the pleasure of Gathering a bunch of girlfriends for the lovely @bethkempton‘s first American stop of her book tour. It was such a grounding, sweet evening and such a reminder to forever seek freedom as a way of being centered in our lives. Freedom can look like the open adventurous road or it can look like being a homebody. We get to choose what it looks like and we get to choose our flight pattern. So many gems and stories told this evening. I am so grateful to live this life and to have these amazing souls fly alongside me.

Tuesday, April 25

Happy Tuesday!
We are celebrating that we finished book 2. I love that we are all reading these together for the first time. True loves it and we parents love it for all the ways we can use it for teachings.
Harry Potter for win. What are your favorite kid books at the moment?
Photo by Jen Downer @shesawthings

My loot from my weekend trip to the flower market. Swoon! I deeply believe in weekly flower arrangements. It’s a joy sparked, an act of love for ourselves and our home.

Wednesday, April 26

Dear world, thank you for this moment today.

Me: True, how would you describe The Force?
True: The force is the Source. You know, like Good.
Me: Yeah, like Spirit
True: Like God.
Me: Who’s the most good person you can think of?
True: Well Yoda of course. He’s been training for the light for, like, ever.
Me: Ahhhhh, yes.
True: And then you, mom. You’re the most good person I know in real life.
Me: Aw, thanks buddy. That makes my heart feel good.
True: Can I pleasseee get that giant nerf gun at target?

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