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Mar 25, 2016 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, February 26

Lots of this practice in the last 24 hours. All good. All soul growth. But man letting go and surrendering are powerful heart tools.

Dear You,
Now is the time to follow your heart’s deepest calling.

Sunday, February 28

John and I are home from a quick sunny getaway. We’ve decided to do some things we wouldn’t normally do. You know, to get out of our bubble and to have a variety of experiences. So this time we went for a weekend, just the two of us, to the weird and crazy world of Las Vegas. We’d never been and were curious. Best parts? The Michael Jackson Cirque show (I cried), the sun, the warmth, the pool, the food, the people watching, the giant art installations everywhere, the sleeping in, but most of all just having down time together with no agenda. The best.

Monday, February 29

Both seem so tiny to me today, a mere six months later. Today Lulu was spayed. She did great and it turns out she and True weigh the same amount at almost 50 pounds. What??? We are keeping things very low key around here with both True and Lulu under the weather. John and I slowly reentered real life today after a weekend of vacation, and I’m looking forward to getting back to routines!

Tuesday, March 1

The obsession with Lulu continues. I finally finished this piece that I started awhile back. She has a message for us and I’m digging what she has to say.
On a side note, I’m up to my eyeballs in alivelines, working from home today with a sick kid and post-surgery dog. I’m in smelly clothes, and in big need of a shower. One of those seasons! Here’s to going with the flow and letting go.

Wednesday, March 2

“Gratitude is the gateway to joy.” – Elaine S. Marshall. Gratitude Surrounds Her print available from my shop!

You guys. Pardon my language but this week is kicking my ***. And this photo of Lulu sums it up for me. Hope you are faring better over in your corner! Xxo

Thursday, March 3

Mr. True has been home sick all week with a bad cold. We ventured out today for the only thing that he had an appetite for: pancakes. When we walked outside he said, “Oh my gosh! It’s sooooo beautiful outside. And warm! Wait until Papa sees this!” Gosh, I sure do love his optimistic spirit and his urge to want others to see what he sees. And. The daffodils. Yes, yes, yes.

Hello possibility
Hello gratitude
Hello wide open heart

(Print available from my shop)

Friday, March 4

Happy Friday, y’all. What a week! Starting to feel a bit back in my center after a bit of old fashioned stress. It helps to sloooow it down, get some perspective, keep on truckin’, and remain grateful. Xxo

Saturday, March 5

Getting closer.

Sunday, March 6

Sunday. True and I are taking @pamgarrison‘s Painting Petals online class and we’re loving it. One of my absolute favorite things to do with True to create and make things, side by side.

True and I are working on this collaboratively. I drew some petals around her (thank you @pamgarrison for the inspiration) and he added some more and started painting the background. We are using water colors, which is new to me. Kinda digging this. Curious to see where it goes.

Still working away on this experiment. Feels good to hop out of my usual box and try new things. And love that he is too.

I can’t even…

Monday, March 7

I am super loving @mtantau‘s recent Art Around the House posts. I’m gonna join in (you should too!). This is a large piece by one of my favorite artists, @luliewallace. Love! Also, this old desk has been in my family since I was small. And the chair and quilt on the left have been in John’s family since he was small, too. Here’s to old things and lovely inspiring art! #kellyraeshome

Finished up this piece. It’s now in the shop for those of you interested. Trust. My most powerful word yet.

Tuesday, March 8

My Grandmother is transitioning soon. She was dearly loved and cherished by many and she is currently surrounded by her family as she takes her last breaths of her Earthly journey. I deeply believe in the power of conscious, collective prayers, candles lit, and gentle words said in an effort to help a spirit transition as gently as possible. I’d love it if you took a moment, a breath really, with her in mind. Her name is Sarah and she is beloved. Xxo

A few days ago Greggie (my dad) put up our Little Free Library n front of our house. We had one at our old home and LOVED it. When we moved to this home two years ago, we put in a Poetry Post but we’ve all dearly missed the library. And so we here it is. Already, I’m in love. We’re gonna add a little kids annex library in phase 2. 

“Mom, You know why I ask a lot of questions? Because that’s what authors do.
Also, I will be a surgeon.
Is Taylor swift married?
One more thing: What’s inside a plant seed?”

Having spent most of ​my ​life in the company of women, ​my​ pieces grow out of the kindred support ​I’ve ​felt from many of them throughout ​my​ life. ​I am​ endlessly grateful for the spirits of these women who ​continue to walk with me​, in flesh or in paint, on ​my incredible journey into art, love, and life.​ Happy International Women’s Day, my friends. You all are brave. Strong. Powerful. Good. GOLD.

Wednesday, March 9

So much beauty. And peace. And surrender. And joy. And becoming. And grace grace grace.

Nichole. So grateful for her CAN DO vibe. She is holding down the fort this week and I am so grateful for her support for all things KRR biz. 

Thursday, March 10

Sometimes when we go out to eat we pass the time waiting for our food by playing a family game of collaborative drawings. One person draws a head, the next person draws something else, and it just keeps going like that until a character and story emerges. In this case it’s Shooley a camel pirate.

 Monday, March 14

Currently in NJ/NY celebrating the life of this amazing woman. Lots and lots of family here. Soaking in the stories, the love, the just being surrounded by the people she loved. ❤️❤️❤️ I love how fierce and independent and strong and fashionable she is in this picture.

Tuesday, March 15

They sure do make change and transition look beautiful. Found at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Wednesday, March 16

Today we celebrated her life. It’s been so healing to come back here, to her home, where she’s been a member of her church for 80+ years, where she raised all four of her kids(all one year apart in age!), where she worked hard to provide for her family as a waitress and then as a manager at Woolworths, where so many family members live. She was known for her kindness, they way she said “how are ya?” in the most vibrant New Jersey accent you’ve ever heard, and the way she made you feel very very special. She was always doing something for someone else and this was her way of serving, loving, tending to her people. She also always had chocolate nearby for all us kids and she especially loved Entemanns donuts. I will miss her and her bright bright way she smiled and laughed and hugged big. Xo. 

PS: True celebrated with us. He’s met so many of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and more. He’s been eating up all the attention. Telling jokes and playing and generally being an awesome little traveler. Today he said he would dress up “bullet and razor sharp” for his great grandma and that he did. This kid.

Thursday, March 17

Their first time in NYC. Lots of memories created. Lots of sites seen. This entire trip has inspired me to be more grateful for my family. I’m pretty good at noticing and being grateful for the details in my life but this trip has reminded me to look at the bigger picture: my big family, my heritage, and all the ways we weave together far and wide. I can feel my sense of history more than ever. And for someone who left home at 18 and never looked back, it’s nice to be turning back again now. Feels good. Xxo

Friday, March 18

Home at last. 

Reunited. Man did we all miss this dog.

Saturday, March 19

John and True and Lulu are at the park and I’m settling in for a Saturday work session in the dining room. Windows are open, light is streaming, birds are chatting, and I’m just so happy about all of it.

Sunday, March 20

Heart finding. The best.

True surprised me with “Happy Spring, Mama!” flowers. The leaves are making their way to the trees, the light lingering a bit longer, the blooms blooming, and my heart is happy about it all. Ready, so ready, for it.

Monday, March 21

I’m cataloging my heart finds over here. This one is one of my faves. Do you see it? In other news I’m feeling a little quiet over here. My head is down in those ultra focused ways that happen when we’re creating and birthing something new. All good and trusting the season of it all.

Tuesday, March 22

Sometimes when we go for walks in our hood, True brings his notebook for writing his observations. I love how he takes his time, and plops right down in the sidewalk to capture his thoughts. He teaches me to see things, to go slowly, and to practice bringing wonder back into everyday moments.

Did you know it’s#nationalpuppyday? Here’s to puppy Lulu from last September. I can hardly stand the smooshies.

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae


Sending much love,

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  1. Marina

    I love your IG feed. We have that same B is for Bob shirt. I bought it for my oldest daughter 6 years ago and now my youngest is wearing it. Doing an online art class alongside True. That is amazing! I never thought to include my daughter’s in “grown-up” classes but my oldest would be totally into. Thanks for sharing little bits of your life. <3

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      We love that shirt. It’s one of his favorites 🙂


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