Dec 10, 2006 | Life in Progress

we went to dinner last night with friends and then to a christmas party in san fran. have i mentioned how much i love going into the city? it really is a great city. it was nice to get all dressed up and have a festive night with new friends.

in this photo i’m wearing the beautiful diamond necklace john proposed with over five years ago. it is one of my most treasured belongings and i keep it hidden in various places around the house (you know, just in case we get robbed). the necklace once belonged to john’s paternal grandma who passed away when he was a child. her name was Lillian Lucille (which just happens to be two of my all time favorite girl names) and from what i’ve been told she was a remarkably strong woman who had a very strong commitment to family (and she had 3 sisters, too). she was a gifted quilter and we are lucky to have several of her quilts today. they are vibrant with colors and patterns and they hold a part of her story, something i respect and hold dear.

the night john proposed, he placed the necklace around my neck and several moments later we noticed a stain on the dress i was wearing. it was like a watermark stain in the perfect shape of a cross and it was positioned on the dress exactly underneath where the diamond pendant rested on my chest. how cool is that? now, we are not deeply religious people. but we both have a very real and deep sense of spiritual interconnectedness. and i definitely believe that the spirits of those who have passed on can communicate with us. it has happened more than once in my own life and it is breathtaking. so, we decided that this was mrs lillian’s way of blessing our engagement. the night was a very special one, but her presence made it more. more special. more meaningful. more goodness.

i have several photos of her. i love vintage family photographs and with the invention of scanners, i have a great collection of them, both from john’s family and my own. here are a couple of old photos of her and her sisters. i LOVE these photos, especially the ones of her fishing (“me too, me too” is all i want to say), and of the younger years, arms around one another, having a good time. interconnectedness. it’s everywhere.

Sending much love,

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  1. Kim Carney

    That is a wonderful post, you two are adorable. I cry of joy while reading. I agree with alexandra g, wouldn’t it be great to meet them, have one of those great photos taken with them, for a day!

  2. Anonymous

    lovely post, delightful photos
    you and your hubs are a beautiful couple.
    my pregnant daughter and son-in-law are planning on naming their daughter lilyanne…

  3. kelly

    i love the photo of you and john.
    you always exude such happiness.
    it is inspirational. and you
    cherish tradition and the old….so sweet

    happy tuesday!

  4. Laini Taylor

    Great pictures! And neat story about the diamond and the cross. Sounds like a book title: The Diamond and the Cross, by Kelly Rae Roberts. You and John are such a great couple — so in love, and so sweet to each other. It’s a lovely thing!

  5. Linda

    Love your story about the diamond necklace and ‘stain’. How gloriously happy you two look. It makes my heart happy.

  6. ceanandjen

    What beautiful memories, and this photo of the two of you? Magical!

    I love that this beautiful, sentimental necklace was your “ring” instead of the traditional “ring.” There was so much symbolism on that beautiful night. It warms my heart just thinking about your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. la vie en rose

    i love all these photos…and in that middle one all the ladies look really sassy…my kind of ladies…

    and i just have to tell you how gorgeous you are in this photo!

  8. Misty Mawn

    Beautiful story, Kelly. I love the name Lillian, it was my great grandmothers name.
    So glad to hear you had a fun night out on the town! xo

  9. Anonymous

    those are glorious photos ~~~

    and what a precious stain.


    bright blessings,

  10. Alexandra S

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if just even ONCE relatives who passed before us could come back just so we could meet them, just once? My mom’s dad and both my dad’s parents were deceased by the time I was born and I often wonder what they were like and how neat it would be if I could just see even once in person. Your husband is so extraordinarily thoughtful and devoted and I love the story of the cross- these unexplainable moments that one just senses theres more to than meets the eye or senses.

  11. Judy Wise

    Old family photos always make me nostalgic. The girls are beautiful. I want to meet them.

  12. Anonymous

    what darling post..such a delight to read..thank you for sharing!


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