Dearest friends,

I would have never thought – EVER – that I would one day have a card line of my own. AND to have it with Leanin’ Tree, one of the most beloved, well-respected, manufacturers of greeting cards – well, I am blessed.

I have been remarkably lucky in my licensing career. There have been stumbles along the way for sure (and I’m grateful for the learning), but for the most part, it’s been a remarkable, life-changing, unexpected, surprising, joyful experience for me.

This latest release with Leanin Tree Cards is no different.

I have to tell you about these cards. They are 100% made from recycled paper AND printed in the USA with soy inks near Boulder, CO. I had the opportunity to tour the factory not too long ago and my mind was blown away by the process – the letterpress machines, the giant cutting machines. It was so cool.

I also met the good folks who run Leanin Tree, a family owned company that started with a man named Ed who had a vision for a greeting card company. 70 years later, his company that he dreamt up is still going strong, run by some pretty remarkable people, including his family!

It’s people like Ed who inspire my own dreams and my Possibilitarian spirit. To not give up. To keep going. To hold a vision sacred. To believe in Possibility. Ed passed away just a few weeks ago. He was in his 90s. His passion for creativity, family, eco-friendly business practices, and vision for what’s possible will continue.

Thank you all for supporting my work. I am grateful beyond measure.

Retailers, please call Leanin Tree and place your orders. We are ready to launch this card collection into the world!

For those of you who want to order cards directly, head to their website where you can purchase!

And know this: YOUR DREAM IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! Take it from a Possibilitarian who knows.

Big love, Kelly Rae

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Hi, I’m Kelly Rae Roberts! Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint, and everything changed.

I’m now a full-time artist, author, and Possibilitarian who helps women explore their creativity, nourish their souls, and build thriving creative businesses.

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