is it ok if i ramble today?

Apr 8, 2011 | Life in Progress

i keep waiting for myself to transition to being a morning person. it’s been six months of very early rises yet i’m still just as dazed and confused at 6am as i’ve been my whole life. john’s a morning person. true is definitely a morning person. i, sadly, am still a night owl no matter how hard i try to switch. it’s 11:09am right this minute and i’m sort of beginning to feel awake after having already been awake for five hours! maddening…

(love this store display from Incahoots)

thank you guys for celebrating with me regarding the creative co-op news. it really is so exciting! some of you have asked if this changes anything with my demdaco line. absolutely not! my demdaco line will continue to grow – we’ve got many exciting products coming down the pipe. the creative co-op line is more home decor driven vs the demdaco line is more gift driven. both awesome opportunities….i am so lucky.

mati was in town for a couple of nites and it was soooo good to see her. we ate, chatted, shopped, got pedicures (pink + sparkles!), and took zero photos. i don’t know. i think i lost my photo mojo. i’ve barely taken any non baby photos since true was born. it might have something to do with all the dreary weather. today, it’s gorgeous outside and i’m photo happy!

the online shop is still being rebuilt and i’m holding a lot of faith that it will be up and running soon (hired a great programmer). i have so much new prouduct (demdaco) that was uploaded just as it crashed. so disappointing! i can’t wait to show you.

okay, i am now officially rambling. right this minute, i am looking at baby true on our new nifty video baby monitor (why haven’t we had this one all along?). he’s down for a nap but he’s currently rolling all over his crib, playing with his lovey. super cute.

one more thing. after baby goes to sleep, i’ve been watching bethenny ever after. alicia got me hooked. it’s awful. yet awesome. i can’t believe i’m saying this but i relate to her on some levels. and i think her husband is awesome. and i love that she turned in to a crybaby after having a child. the same thing has happened to me. i’m a serious crybaby now. happy cries. but still. mati asked me what having a baby felt like. and i told her that it felt like the christmas morning magic you felt as a child only every single day, all day long, and way more powerful. thus, the tears.

life is good.

Sending much love,

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