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Apr 6, 2011 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i have really really really BIG news. i’ve been holding on to this information for months and months but i’ve finally been given the A-OK to shout it from the rooftops. this post is me SHOUTING it from the rooftops! before i tell you anything, i have to go back. back to the dream. and back to the beginning.

in early 2010, i went to my first trade show to do a signing for DEMDACO. the tradeshow itself was was a hugely eye opening experience where retailers intersect with wholesalers, where BEAUTIFUL showrooms abound, where my senses were completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of product (good and bad) out in the world. it was my first real look at the gift/home decor industry in action and it was mind boggling. my mind was spinning with possibilities. i wrote about this experience here and here.

(he’s getting so big!)

while wandering around the 18 floors of showrooms, john and i happened upon the showroom for Creative Co-op. Holy smokes. It was love at first sight – huge, beautifully styled, products I wanted in my own house. I recognized many MANY of the products – they were items I bought at my favorite boutiques – things like photo frames, birdie sculptures, candle holders. and the furniture – gorgeous. i remember telling john that partnering with them would be an ultimate dream of mine – to combine my love for art and decor with a creative home decor product line. i told a few friends about this particular dream, but i held it close, not sure how on earth to make it happen or if it was even possible. it felt like a true blue pipe dream.

fast forward a few months. i go to a barnhouse flea looking for a farm table and come home incredibly inspired again on the home decor front. i lose sleep a few nites because i’m so inspired and SURE that this is meant to be – that i’m supposed to somehow merge my love of home decor with my art. i write about the entire experience in a blog post where i write, “i just knew in the pit of my stomach that my mixed media world and my decorating world were about to collide. and it got me so excited.” at the time, i had no idea how to do it, i just knew it felt good to dream about it.


fast forward a couple of more weeks (weeks!). i get a call from my new licensing agent. the news? creative co-op wants to do a large home decor line with me! i flip out. i lose my mind. i jump up and down. how could it be? how could this be? it feels like magic. i bliss out for weeks and weeks and months and months while working with their team. months go by and a full on, large home decor line is complete, and ready to launch this july (so soon!). we’ve been working on it since before true was born – that’s how long i’ve been holding this secret. it’s been driving me NUTS!

i don’t even know what to say. except that this home decor line is big. big as in furniture big, pillows, wall clocks, home organizing items, frames, large decor pieces, and so, so much more. big as in the most creative home decor items ever. big as in inventive. big as in i’m the luckiest person on the planet.

i cannot, CANNOT wait to introduce this line to you guys. you will be blown away. i feel silly for saying this but i actually teared up when i saw the samples for the first time. TEARED UP. the line will officially launch in july at the atlanta tradeshow. i will have many of the items for sale in the online shop as well!


and that’s the big news i’ve been holding onto for months! you know how when you have awesome news and you can’t wait to celebrate with those in your life? and it feels so much better and bigger and grander once you do share the news? that’s how this feels, sharing it with you all. it feels like it’s happening all over again from the beginning. thanks for celebrating with me, and for all the support to make this dream even possible. i feel really really lucky and i can’t wait for these products to make their way into the world. they are happy happy home decor pieces.

ps: a few of you have asked if this changes anything with my line with demdaco. the answer is no! i’m still very much in love with my partnership with demdaco and that product collection will continue to grow and be very different from the items that creative co-op will produce.

Sending much love,

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