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Jan 25, 2018 | Life in Progress

Sports and teams were not a part of my story as a kid. Except for that time when I was 10 and I really wanted to do ballet but the teacher told my mom I was too chubby (WTF?).

I did have a small stint in the 8th grade at our neighborhood acrobatics class with my BFF Gina. We’d get off the school bus in the afternoons and promptly seek out the perfect yards to practice our roundoffs and back handsprings. Looking back now as an adult, it’s hard to imagine looking out my window in the afternoon to see two random girls running across my yard dong back handsprings. Makes me chuckle.

Oddly, my junior/high school didn’t have sports (except a boys soccer team I think) as it was a magnet school for academics/college-prep. We had things like brainbrawl, arts, theater, newspaper, language clubs. The did introduce a rowing club my senior year. I joined cause my friends were doing it but promptly quit the second we had to run and sweat as training.

Anyway, I’m coming into my body as a late-bloomer. I’m coming into discipline around strengthening as a late-bloomer. I’m coming into learning about muscles and how to take care of them as a late-bloomer. I’m coming into tennis shoes as a late-bloomer, too. All of it.

I treated myself to these amazing Mara Hoffman converse high tops that my trainer assures me are fine for standard ol weight-training sessions at the gym. LOVE love love. I can now proudly say that I own not one, but two pairs of tennis shoes.

Here’s to wearing our joy, even when we’re exercising. Here’s to coming into parts of ourselves as late-bloomers. Here’s to wellness and the crooked long path that it unfolds. Here’s to all of it because it all matters.

PS: Many of you have been following my personal wellness journey (soul care! self-compassion! healthier food choices! fitness!) over the years, most recently my physical fitness journey. These practices have changed my life, and I know – deeply deeply know – that we can love our bodies (mind, body, and spirit) with conscious and intentional care, one small move at a time.

If you’re feeling the call toward deepening or expanding your own wellness path, consider joining my Possibilitarian Wellness Tribe. It’s a weekly wellness sisterhood rooted in loving accountability, check-ins, ideas, and inspiration to keep you inspired and motivated to keep showing up for yourself in small and big ways.

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Come join us. Your wellness sisters are waiting.

Sending much love,

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