jen lemen and horny toad

May 25, 2007 | Life in Progress

this is my favorite t-shirt of all time. it’s made by horny toad (i love that name). not only does this t-shirt inspire me to “roar” but it’s also long-sleeved (i heart long sleeved t’s). i wear it quite often in the studio (lots of paint on this fav tee) where this little shirt reminds me to be brave, to let loose, to create without abandon. it’s a charmer, this tee. a big inspiration.

there is a little contest (and a little long interview with yours truly) going on over at jen lemen’s blog (don’t you love her?). check it out! and can i just say that this little interview has me feeling a wee bit dorky. there is something about reading my own responses to some very good questions that makes me feel a bit overexposed and revealed and just down right silly and dorky. but oh well. i love jen lemen. she is thoughtful in everything that she does, creative, and makes me dream about being a mother some day. thank you, jen!

Sending much love,

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  1. Colorsonmymind

    I love the interview.

    I have to say I adore you-your story and what I know of you through this blog of yours.

    I know I sent you an email eons ago-telling you how much your openess and generosity about the process lifted me and gave me more courage to venture on to start my etsy.

    Since I have read the interview I have kept reminding myself to take a break. It was important to hear someone with your go get em work ethic takes a day off.

    It helps balabce and center me when I do.

    Thanks for pursuing your dreams and sharing it here with us.

    Much love

  2. Claire NZ

    That was a great interview – not at all dorky to read.

    I’m with azirca – hoping to wait from my slumber. Let’s hope we’ll all be inspired like you were.

    Hope the book is coming along well….can’t wait to get a copy to add to my creatives collection. Yours will sit beside Julia Cameron’s – how’s that for WOW.

  3. kelly

    of course it rocked! and i found another great site to go to.
    i can’t wait to get free in her frame. hope is next!

    keep the creativity going and feel better!

  4. jen lemen

    i’m so delighted that you agreed to do it! you have no idea how encouraging your journey is to others, especially those of us who want to live creative, art-filled lives! 🙂

    there will be lots more of this interview business when you finish that book! 🙂 xoxo

  5. azirca

    What a great interview, I enjoyed reading it and learning about the woman behind the totally gorgeous art.
    I have been an admirer of yours for sometime now but I have never commented before.
    Your art is truly beautiful and I wish that one day I will wake up from my slumber and discover that I have been blessed to have half as much talent as you have.
    I can relate to what you say about the healing that began to take place once you started your journey into the art world. Art is so many more things than just the finished piece.
    warmest regards 🙂


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