Life, I love you right now.

Aug 5, 2019 | Life in Progress

After so many months (18ish!) of being in a deep winter season of life (going dark, quietly rebuilding, enduring the inner journey), it feels like I’m emerging into a season of Spring where things look a little different.

Ideas are emerging. My breath exhaling. My heart expanding. My body releasing winter’s tension. And my spirit unfurling with hope and possibilities.

I know this Spring season will be long, readying me for the months where a different kind of harvest and abundance awaits (summer!). But right now, I’m savoring. Savoring that strange in-between feeling of having unlayered and unburdened during all those Winter months only to emerge with a real sense of freedom and uncomplicatedness that comes with being new again, yet with the wisdom of being middle-aged.

I’m excited to carefully curate what I do next, what I live next, and most importantly, how I’ll choose to BE next.

My goal? To do what I love, simply. To live, simply. To go slow. To savor.

For those of you in a winter season of your life/biz, hang in there. Spring is coming soon.

Big love, Kelly Rae

Ps: I included some photos of life around here. We are just so SO HAPPY here in our new home, in our new city, and in our whole new life. xo

Sending much love,

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  1. Linda

    Kelly Rae, your new home is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out! It looks cozy, bright, and welcoming. I hope you all find many years of joy and love in your new town, beautiful home, and new life!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you, Linda 🙂


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