The summer True was 8

Aug 9, 2019 | Life in Progress


We’ve been here, in our new city of Sisters, OR for five months. After a few expected transition struggles, True is flourishing.

Things I want to remember about this summer, the summer True was eight:

Enjoying a screen-free summer (with an occasional exception > Hello, Lion King). Best decision ever (started out as a consequence, and now it’s just heaven).
Our first summer having a plant-based vegan home (thanks to John for all the cooking). Watching True confidently let go of dairy/animal products has been super inspiring to me as I make my way to join him and John.
Exploring all the lakes and creeks and rivers and hikes. Everything is stunning and so easy to get to.
Riding our bikes everywhere, barely getting into a car.
A lot of time at the pool, which is in our hood. I can’t remember the last time I spent time in a pool.
Making art with True. He’s INTO it. I’ve been showing him a few things on Photoshop, which is blowing his mind.
Riding bikes to/from my parent’s house (they moved here last month, just down the road!).
This is the first summer True has really taken to summer camps. They’re pretty easy going here – small town style – and perhaps that’s why. Either way, I love watching him easily integrate.
Finishing the Harry Potter series. We started it about four years ago, reading a little out loud each day. We finished the last book this summer while lounging in our new back yard (swipe to see). I already miss them! We recently started Wildwood books by Meloy (so good!).
The lemonade stands and spending his money on GraviTrax toys.
Morning lounge sessions on the back porch, eating dinners in our back yard.
Watching True bloom. He is such a great kid.
I truly can’t remember the last time we had a summer that felt, well, like a summer. I’m grateful to the moon for it.

What do you want to remember about summer? Let’s keep savoring the vibes allllll the way until Autumn.


Sending much love,

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