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Sep 21, 2010 | Life in Progress

taken moments ago. it’s huge, i tell you.
my mom was here the last few days to help us finish the last of the unpacking and house projects. i’m running out of steam over here and the nurturing and comfort of having her here for the homestretch (baby room is done!) was invaluable. the day before she arrived, john and i thought for sure we were having a baby. contractions, a trip to the hospital, the whole deal. but then things calmed down and we’re still about 10 days out from our official due date. we’re in that part where it could be any second and the anticipation is driving us crazy in fun ways: maybe todays the day? maybe tonite? who knows! i’m happy to say that we are so ready. ready, ready, ready. while we wait, i’m tending to some last minute biz preparations. i’ve got some super exciting news on the biz front but it’s nothing i can discuss yet. i hate that!

we had a housewarming over the weekend which was so much fun. i cannot believe i didn’t take a single photo but our home was full of friends who came and gathered to help us celebrate our new home and soon to be baby arrival.

here are a few of my favorite things from the last few days that i want to remember:
-having my mom here the last few days. she was hoping baby would come while she was here, but i think the universe brought her here to provide some much needed comfort and nurturing to me and john during these last days before baby. i haven’t felt this settled in months and i’m sure it’s because she came again.
-having a very special prayer/blessing in baby’s room with just me, john, and mom. we sat on the floor and said some tender words. for the first time in my life, i was wordless. my mom and john took over and it was so, so good.
-having morning talks with tea in hand with john on the front porch. bella is there, usually hanging out watching the world go by. she loves this house, esp the front porch
-having my midwife predict an 8lb baby is on its way. she said his booty cheeks are a “healthy” size which made me chuckle. she also predicts he won’t arrive early.
-having so many of our old and new friends gathered in our kitchen and whole house for our housewarming and giving tours of all the hard work we’ve been up to these last many months.
-getting all dressed up (sort of) for the event and hearing my friends tell me i look great even when i feel pooped.
-hula making the most beautiful words and wishes books for folks to write their baby blessings in and gifting me with this most precious photo print ever which i promptly framed.
– having fresh cut flower arrangements via my talented mom. she put them everywhere. she even included cut lemons in her arrangements. so creative.
-having our neighbors come over to join in on the housewarming fun. we seriously got lucky on the neighbor front
-seeing old friends that we’ve known since moving to portland 11 years ago. we’ve stayed in touch throughout the years of our leaving portland and moving back. we love them all dearly.
-seeing our friends’ kids all grown up since the last time we saw them (we’ve been gone almost 4 years)
-all the cards and hand-me-downs and fun gifts that have been arriving for baby. i am sensing that john and i are being ushered into a community we had no idea existed before
-finishing house projects that have been on my mind, including getting the laundry area ready to go and basement/lounge area totally unpacked and baby room too! no way we could have done it without my mom here to motivate and inspire. even things like printing photos for the baby’s room and new photos for refrigerator – small projects like this when completed feel like bliss to me right now.
-eating the best grapes ever from safeway and chocolate cake too
-totally ignoring my inbox and online world for a few days so mom and i could hang out and focus.
-listening to the birth stories of my friends
-feeling deeply supported. everyone is ready to help us with food, meals, whatever we need
-loving that my bff booked her airline tix the week baby is due.
-all the tender moments being exchanged between john and i right now. we are savoring these moments and i won’t ever forget them. last nite, we took a long walk in the rain. bliss.

Sending much love,

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