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Sep 24, 2010 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

39 weeks
i bought this ruffle dress earlier this summer from target in a large enough size so that i could use it as a maternity tunic (over jeans). besides my jersey boden dresses (which i’m still wearing, all the way to the end), it’s the only cutified outfit i’ve got left with this size of a belly. i love it! if i’m not wearing this or a jersey dress, i’m in my yoga cotton target maternity pants + maternity cotton shirt. ugh. i’m so bored with the limitations of my wardrobe, i can hardly wait to get back into my clothes!
liz elayne has been here the last couple of days with baby eleanor jane (best name ever!). we’ve been visiting and chatting and she’s been teaching me so much about baby supplies and new mama expectations, and so much more. while ellie totally won me over with her adorableness (she even smiled at the mobile john and i made!), there was so much rich conversation and chocolate and brainstorming. liz even stayed an extra day to help me with some last minute biz preparations that i was desperate to accomplish. i’ve been feeling so intensely grateful for all the help coming my way lately – from john, from my mom, from liz, from my new studio assistant, from friend phone calls. i could cry at these offerings as i’ve never really felt so reliant before on this level/kind of help – and we haven’t even had a baby yet! it’s very very warming and i won’t ever forget it.
39 weeks2
at over 39 weeks, we’re starting to get the texts and calls with “well, is there a baby yet!” and everyone is starting to make their bets on the day of arrival. i’m still keeping myself busy with very very last minute, down to the wire, biz preparations that will afford me a good solid maternity leave (so that things like the online shop, and other biz related activities continue to move forward during that leave). with that in mind, my bet for baby arrival is early next week, after all those last minute preparations are final and settled. i just have a feeling…if baby doesn’t arrive early next week, you can find me in my totally unpacked studio painting, painting, painting.

Sending much love,

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