a love letter to my new cowgirl boots

Jun 13, 2011 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

Vintage boot
(they’re old gringos – love their boots)

a big gift to myself, these boots reached all the way through the you-don’t-need-another-pair-of-cowgirl-boots and the they-are-too-expensive and the who-do-you-think-you-are gremlins and traveled directly to a piece of me that said YES. i bought them. i love them. and more importantly, they affirm a few of the things i believe with my whole self:

– that taking chances + embracing adventure bring a lot of sequels + joy. these boots scream adventure.

– that we become more of ourselves when we purchase and surround ourselves only with things that we are absolutely in love with. this is true for house decor, clothing, and on and on. john taught me that. don’t buy anything unless you’re in love with it. the rest is just filler. so true!

– that what you loved as a child still rings true today and that play is oh so important

– that a YEE-HAW every now and again is totally necessary

– that freedom feels like the releasing of heart, of ideas, of dreams, of expression, of wearing artisan cowgirl boots.

– that you can still rock these boots while being a thirty something year old mom who barely has time to get dressed


ps – photos and moments like these are what it’s all about. i cannot get enough of these two lately.

Sending much love,

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  1. TracyA

    OMG Kelly, I just bought a pair of Cowgirl boots in Santa Fe and cannot wait to get them! I have a hard to fit foot so they are being custom made for me. Paid ENTIRELY too much for them, but darn it, I deserve it! Have always wanted a good pair but couldn't find any to fit. Anyway, your blog entry struck a chord with me and wanted to share. Cheers cowgirl sister! Tracy

  2. kellyrae

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