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May 1, 2008 | Life in Progress

john arrived home the other day with flowers – no reason, just because. my heart and life and soul are warm with how i feel about this man and how i feel when i’m around him. we’re in a good spot right now – in a space of a marriage where the love feels extraordinary and huge. don’t you treasure those weeks where you can’t get enough of your mate? me, too. it’s funny, the waves of life. of marriage. of love. of passion. i remember several years ago having a conversation with my bff about how i think it’s remarkable how the world gives us the exact person and mate that we need in our lives to heal ourselves. i’ve written about this before somewhere in the depths of this blog, but i think about it often – how john has gifted me, just by being who he is, with the opportunity to face all i’ve ever needed face, but inside the circle of love, not fear. i do the same for him. i think it’s magic. the kind of magic that leaves me stunned with wonder.

on a totally different note, i bought a new camera this week and have now entered the canon rebel xti world. oh my. i’m loving all the photo taking, the experimenting, the learning. it totally has my creative attention right now. i can’t get over the colors, the saturation, the quality. by the way, if you are a digital slr girl, i’d love to know what your favorite lenses are. i’m smitten. yes, i am.

i also wanted to thank you guys for scooping up just about all of the 100+ cards in about a day and half. wow. all orders were shipped today or yesterday so they’ll be there soon! speaking of prints, i just signed a licensing contract with a huge national company – what’s the product, you ask? wall art – all sorts of groupings and sizes – all of which will be available in stores nationwide early next year. so far away, but super exciting for me at the moment.

the other day i ran into a stranger at a cafe. “hey baby, how you doin?” she asked in a warm motherly way. “good, i’m good. how are you?” i responded. “blessed, darling, i’m blessed,” she said. a little piece of me melted as i thought, “me, too.” no more stale “i’m good’s” and “i’m fine’s”. it’s all about “i’m blessed” because it’s honest and it’s true. yep.

oh yes, one more thing. i dreamt about painting last nite (love these kinds of dreams). ideas are coming. colors are calling me. i went to dick blick and bought a HUGE canvas. huge. totally excited.

Sending much love,

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  1. melly~

    Hi Kelly!

    I’ve been away from my computer nursing a back injury. Nice to come back here to so much goodness. Thank you for taking the time to share with us – your blessings, your angst, your love of life and it’s littlest pleasures – it’s all good.

    Congrats on the new venture. Can’t wait to see you in a store near me. I’m needing me some Kelly Rae on my walls!

    I too love my XTi – got mine the first week they came out. I know next to nothing about my camera (or it’s lens) but still manage to catch a few amazing shots from time to time. I’m coveting a macro. Love to see the world from that angle. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!


  2. samin

    on lenses:
    i have and love the f/1.8 50mm and i rented the f/1.4 50 mm and loved it even more. my dream lenses are the f/2.8 L 24-70mm and f/4L 17-40mm.

    congrats! happy photo taking!

  3. Tammigirl

    Go with the flow. You’re in it, enjoy it.

    Beautiful and blessed

  4. SurfacetoAirMedia

    my husband is the Canon nerd, and i’m just along for the ride so i don’t know numbers or anything. He’s got several lenses and my absolute favorite is the wide-angle. You can do so many crazy, dramatic shots with it! I usually cringe when he tells me about the next camera toy he wants – and how much it’s going to cost – but once he got the wide angle and I got to play with it, I said, “Baby! Why didn’t we get this one sooner?” 🙂

  5. taliana

    Congrats, chica! That’s awesome news about the licensing!

  6. Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose)

    congrats on the new camera!…how exciting…

    …and thank you for your lovely card…i got it yesterday…it made my day…

  7. DeniseLynn

    So happy for you! I remember being at that place with my hubby – but now we are slightly different. good. Just different. Not quite so lovey – need to get that back! We better go on a date and get away from the little ones just for a while. Thanks for reminding me we need to do that. Marriage is so great and so very important.

    Also I just got your newsletter about your book and preorders. Oh I am jumping up and down. Perfect timing … I am begging my hubby to get it for me for Mother’s day! Won’t it just be the perfect gift. His name is Barth (he better e-mail you soon!) Oh a signed copy – what a thrill!!!

  8. all over the map

    what blessings indeed and you are so deserving of all of these magical moments. i totally love the way you describe how you feel about john. that is what partnership is all about.
    a signing with a national company for your art. wow! it’s really inspiring to watch you soar and grow. it is truly amazing and so encouraging.
    happy for you.

  9. Di

    Really lovely blog. Enjoyed reading many of your posts but this post was interesting to me as I talked about my husband (aka help mate, friend etc..) on my blog today. The extraordinary blessing he is to me. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Bookmarked and linked. x

  10. Patti G.

    Kelly, sweet Kelly! Ohhhhh you sound relaxed and happy and joyous and all in the midst of all these BIG THINGS happening for you and your art! THAT IS GREAT!!!!! I cannot wait to get your book and of course all the little perks you are offering! Just wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I also am excited to see what you will create with your HUGE canvas!!!! I am sure it will be totally Kelly!!!
    Also, I am wondering about the WALL art contract you signed and what that will all be about! Many new frontiers for you! Exciting!
    Sending hugs to you,

  11. paige

    what a beautiful entry!
    love my canon xti too
    congrats on your new book

  12. Lina

    SO exciting about the licensing!! And cant wait to get the book (i preordered 🙂 ….cant wait to see your new work, and the HUGE canvas one!!! Exciting!!

  13. jenifer74

    that’s lovely. blessed. i like it 🙂

  14. suzanne

    so blessed you are! many congrats on the licensing – your art is wonderfully uplifting and heartfelt, kelly. 🙂

  15. PixieDust

    I’m reveling in your success! So happy for you, for your passion, and all the work you have put into it…


  16. Leah

    Wow Kelly Rae! Enjoyed your writing today. I’m touched. It’s so wonderful to be in a great space… but even more than that I enjoy getting all of you, the difficult times as well. I can relate. Thanks for writing.

  17. Josefina

    You are a true inspiration Kelly Rae. I come to your blog every day to warm my heart and lighten up my day. I have become a big fan of your work. I am so glad I discovered you! Much love, Josefina.

  18. Rekoj

    Blessed! Blessed with all the beauty in the world, perfect love, big opportunites and painting dreams. Blessed indeed! Your post today just lifted me up off my feet because I’m there too. Such resonance. 3 cheers for going for the big big canvas. It’s like loving a good book and sad when you reach the end – a bigger canvas is just like getting more of that good book. Enjoy every moment of filling that white space up!

  19. Rebecca

    welcome to the the canon rebel xti world! i love mine, but it took a bit of getting used to at first. aren’t those moments with strangers lovely? i so look forward to when they happen to me. so many people are closed off to them; like, they’d have ignored her. but that’s perfect that you had that lovely exchange.

  20. Deirdre

    Whenever you write about John I can see your love for him wind through your words – so romantic and sure – it’s lovely.

    I’m feeling pretty blessed right now too. We’re in a sweet place, soaking up all the goodness of being engaged. I look at Richard and get a little misty with happiness and gratitude about getting to spend the rest of my life with him. Yes, being with the right person can be magic, a gift.

  21. Shannon

    Coming out of lurkerdom here. First your art is amazing. A girlfriend had purchased a print of your for me. It’s beautiful and framed in my living room. I cried when I first opened it. And for the DSLR lens, I absolutely love my 50mm 1.8. It creates a great depth of field and is awesome in low light situations.

  22. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    “it’s all about “i’m blessed” because it’s honest and it’s true”

    As you think so shall you be.


  23. Lucy

    From the sounds of your post, it sounds like your little mini break was exactly what you needed. You seem to be more refreshed and at peace this week.

    Congratulations on the licensing agreement!! That is sooooo exciting!

  24. gilflingsdesigns

    Kelly I just discovered your blog (was it only 2 days ago) and have been completely absorbed in it ever since. I cannot express how wonderful it has been to read your honesty, joys and struggles as much of it feels like a reflection of how I feel day to day. Thank you so much for that and i look forward to reading more.

  25. Mandy C

    your posting has made me cry. you sound like you are in a great place right now. Your work is amazing, this is the first time i have visited your blog. wow. you are truly inspiring, in life as well as art 🙂 i hope to reach a happy place too one day


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