thoughts on liking this skin.

May 6, 2008 | Life in Progress

one of my goals this year was to really slow down and concentrate on wellness, on taking better care of myself – no matter what deadlines i faced or how much pressure i put on myself to set goals, meet those goals, and enjoy every second of the journey while doing so (yikes). it’s now May (time is flying) and as i walked home from the gym today i realized that i’m holding onto that promise to myself. i feel like i have a new + improved life – one in which i have a bit more control and happiness. i’m getting more sleep. i’m working out with a trainer (feeling stronger physically). i’m taking my vitamins and eating blueberries (new to me). i’m having more fun as i work on balancing all aspects of my life. i’m making plans for the future while still being present here and now. i’m totally settled into life here in california, and loving it (a small miracle in my life). i even made an appt with a dermatologist in hopes of getting some help with my hyperpigmentation (hello, sun damage). i feel more whole. more me. more centered. of course, some days are better than others, but i’m liking this skin.

i feel hopeful. and that feels really, really good (creatively, too).

thank you guys for all the pre-orders the last couple of days. i am overwhelmed in goodness right now, in blessings that hold tight.

can i share with you where i’ve been lately? a picture story…..

i’ve been practicing with my new camera. oh man, loving it. these roses are from the secret garden mati and i found a couple of weeks ago. roses are popping up everywhere around here. it’s really nice to see.
went hunting for seaglass, and found several small pieces, but i look forward to the day when i stumble upon big blue pieces of seaglass – one day.
sometimes, i’ll find bella just like this – all snuggled with her beloved sock monkey (atop our bed, of course). i also love it when her ears are out like this, like she’s taking flight. she’s getting older now – 8 years.
and finally, my latest heart find. do you see it? once you find it, it’s so, so clear – just like love itself.


Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. all over the map

    love your Bella.
    i see the love in the last photo.
    how cool is that?
    good on you for taking charge of your life and being well. it does a soul well and i need to work on that myself. you are inspirational.

  3. Candace

    I am loving this post. Especially Bella and her sock monkey. This should be a card for “Missing You” or some such. It is just too good.
    Working with a new camera is always fun — and frustrating.

    We all need to take care of ourselves, because as My mom said, “If you don’t take care of your own self, how are you going to take care of your business?” (Meaning your own life, going out and having fun, working, giving well-earned advice to others, etc.)

    Just a great couple of posts here, Kelly.

    Thumbs up,

  4. Apple

    I love your pictures!!

  5. Heather,

    Thank you for the beautful picture walk! Love the shot of on the beach and the heart in the tree bark…love IS everywhere!

  6. pattie

    I SEE it…Do you see the other one in the background too?! Thank you for sharing your inspiration…your creativity…your heart!
    Artfully Yours,

  7. kelly

    mmm….good stuff.
    i love my canon, loving all
    your images. bella hugging the sock monkey is toomuch!

  8. misty

    overwhelmed in goodness is such a great feeling!!!!!!!! I am glad to hear you are feeling that way!

    Bella is SOOO cute with her sock monkey!

    thank you so much for the sweet card that came last week…what a nice thing to find in my mail box!!!

  9. Sandra

    What a lovely post.. you are glowing.

  10. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    That precious shot of Bella (great name!!) just makes me happy to look at…her sock monkey and ears. Too, too, cute.

    xo Rella

  11. StephanieLee

    Kelly!! Your pictures are wonderful…that one of you on the beach…that could have been me! We were on the beach today too! In sun and cool breezes in the can’t-put-words-to-it-different-light of the atlantic ocean! Our last day here and we soaked up the sun and stuck out feet in the sand and savored the quiet of limbo between “this life” and “that life”.

    I LOVE my Canon!! I have the same one! Vinnie got it for me for Christmas. I need to take classes…. 🙂

    Talk to you soon!!

  12. justagirl

    It is so easy in these fast times we live in to forget ourselves.

    Am soooo looking forward to your book.

    Bella is very sweet.


  13. stephanie t.

    Good job!! Your body is thanking you already! And, when your body gets as old as THIS one, it will thank you even more!
    Daughter #1 started with a dermatologist about 6 weeks ago…horrible, scarring cystic acne. I posted a pic of her yesterday on the blog. Her skin is luminous! (If you need a dr., I’ll send you the name..they’re in Los Gatos)

  14. Carolyn

    Hi Kelly Rae, I agree with Lani (last post) your words and path are so VERY encouraging. I read your blog every day. Thanks for sharing your art, your thoughts, and most importantly yourself. I am most encouraged to take care of self and move forward with my art. Thank you!

  15. Healing Expressions

    HI Kelly rae….Just wanted to send warm and haertfelt congrats on this new milestone for you. I am so excited to hold my own copy of your book in my hands! Your words on balance and taking care of ourselves were a real encouragement today…and a challenge to try!

  16. Heather

    COngrats to you for taking care of yourself! Its something so basic yet something many of us forget to do. Your photos are awesome too– I’ll have to look around here for a secret garden!~

  17. liz elayne lamoreux

    love the title of this post…this is so good.

    and bella is so darn cute…loving those ears of course.

  18. Carmen

    That’s fantastic! Way to go on taking time to take care of you! I really need to get my hiney back in the gym!

    I love your picture story and Bella and her sock monkey are too stinkin’ cute!



  19. Cath Sheard

    Bella’s ears are just too cute. She’s lovely 🙂


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