it’s been a while – a list.

May 9, 2008 | Life in Progress

what inspires me:
1. people and conversation (connection), especially when john and i dream out loud together.
2. seeing things i would otherwise not notice (taking photos helps)
3. color + sunshine
4. the beginnings of friendships that i know will last forever
5. nice emails and handwritten notes
6. courteous strangers

things that crack me up:
1. when i get a recycled card in the mail from my family (long story)
2. when john spontaneously bursts into song + dance
3. america’s funniest home videos
4. sillyness of all kinds, especially if it involves booty shakin’

what scares me:
1. losing someone close to me and the grief that would follow.
2. getting sick
3. losing the oomph that i feel inside – the light (even in tough times)
4. airplanes.
5. violent crime

on the dream horizon:
1. travel all over italy (after our workshop). totally doable.
2. finding our dream home in portland later this year (small bungalow with separate studio cottage in the back). this is really exciting for us right now. we’re talking about it a lot. it’ll happen very soon.
3. successful book release. big hope.
4. more writing – maybe another book? more articles? i can’t believe it, but i’m finding myself wanting to write more.
5. painting really big works.
6. expanding my creative business – letting new ideas arrive without too much friction. (they are flowing in lately)

my favorite places on earth:
1. oregon coast (manzanita, shorty’s)
2. portland, oregon
3. cinque terre, italy
4. glacier national park

issues i often have to confront/work hard at:
1. feeling left out/forgotten
2. feeling overwhelmed, without balance
3. acknowledging my own abilities/talent/inner balance
4. taking good care of myself (not just physically, but making sure i’m getting all the bits and pieces of my life that nourish me)

things i’m good at:
1. being conscious of what is working in my life/what isn’t
2. celebrating – even the little things
3. making friends
4. processing/talking things out (whether it’s for me or a friend)
5. intuition (how it relates to me and those around me)
6. planning/dreaming/scheming/doing/list making/researching
7. smiling. i’m a smiler.

things i’m not so good at:
1. cooking
2. planning ahead (for birthdays, holidays)
3. remembering anything
4. telling jokes (i’m the worst ever)
5. waking up early
6. geography
7. i could be a better listener. i’m working on it 🙂

foods i have a weakness for:
1. grilled cheese.
2. peanut butter + jelly (grape) sandwiches.
3. pasta and red sauce
4. creme brulee
5. soda pop

why i do what i do:
1. because it fills
2. because it communicates.
3. because it connects.
4. because it feels like me

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Debra W

    Wonderful lists, although when I got to the part about “what scares you”, I realized that your first two are things that I have recently had to battle. I have been living with a chronic illness for several years, but I try very hard to continue living my life “around” my illness. Also, my younger brother passed away three months ago, and you are right, the grief can be unbearable. Although these are both things which we will all have to face at one time or another, I pray that you will not have to face them for a very, very long time to come!


  3. shine the divine

    Kelly there is an exquisite sense of stamina, strength, and an undeniable will to survive that the top photo seems to embody. Love it!

  4. all over the map

    love your list. i totally relate to connection and inspiration & a handwritten note works magic on my soul. i got felt a little ping reading your issues. i have the same ones, especially being overwhelmed. then i got to the food weakness and i smiled too.

  5. amanda

    great lists kelly!

  6. hmk

    hi, my name is Haven. Just wanted to know that I absolutely love reading your blog. It’s very calming… very zen. And your artwork is beautiful.

  7. amyrehnae

    Ok, were you reading my mind or yours when you made this master list of lists?? Well, mostly anyway! I grapple with the same things, have to remind myself of the same things, and I think we have the same odd sense of humor. Do those in-the-car improvy sonic commercials crack you up too?? I’m the only one I know that they do…sigh. :~)

    Oh, and to jog your memory, (mine ain’t so grand either!) I purchased “the seeker” print from you at Artfest and cried all over Liz as I did it, just as I did Nina with the “seek” pendant. And yes, it is officially my word right now! Good to meet you then and glad you are in a good place now! Your story gives me strength and courage that “it” can happen! So thanks for that!

  8. Mary Ann

    doggoneit kelly rae heartfinder roberts where do you live so i can come over and SQUEEZE you? i’ve just spent some happy time over here reading your lists & dreams, looking at your photos, poking into every nook and cranny and have deemed every last drop of it GOOD. better than grilled cheese.

  9. Heather,

    great to read your list of lists and be inspired to remember that everyone grapples with things (ie.feeling left out), even women I admire, such as yourself.
    p.s. we met at artfest, so that’s how I “get” to admire you b/c you had a great presence and clearly a wonderful heart

  10. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say thank you! You have inspired me to pick up my cameras again. Since leaving college about 4 years ago I haven’t been engaging that creative muscle. Seeing your use of photos in your blog has reawakened that knowing in myself of the joy photography brings me. Thank you!

  11. Carmen

    I can so relate to many of these! Great list!

    Oooh, if you love grilled cheese and you love PB&J, you must try a grilled PB&J! Make it just like a grilled cheese, only instead of cheese… use PB&J! Oh, so good! Warm jelly and melted peanut butter…. Heavenly!

    Have an incredible weekend!



  12. Lori

    Cool- great list. I could relate to a lot of what you wrote. You went to cinque terre? we are going there for our honeymoon (and other places in Italy) I’m so glad to see it on your list of favorites!

  13. Anonymous

    oh kelly– how I resonate with “can’t tell a joke (worst ever)” sorry, my dear, I feel certain we’d be in a dead heat for that honor– and feeling overwhelmed– that is what I am going to focus on this summer– that one thing– trying to create a different approach to the day, to my life that does not get me so blitzed by so many and so much–

    Bisous, Elizabeth (bp)

  14. justagirl

    what a wonderful thing a list is…
    and even better a whole list of lists!!!

    Reminds me of the book of lists we used to do about ourselves and each other as teenagers.

  15. Christianne

    you’re a gorgeous girl. and i was amazed to find that you and i have pretty much the exact same list of things we’re not good at . . . cooking, planning ahead, remembering things, geography, and waking up early. yeah, i’m not so good at any of those things, either, AT ALL. 🙂

  16. kelly

    mmm….soaking it all in.
    the list is so full.
    today i found a heart on a bath towel. the thread had rubbed away.
    i thought of you.


  17. Alex S

    Kelly! I have to tell you about my DELICIOUS Weight Watchers version of the grilled cheese sandwich! Don’t let me forget! I’m not going to write my lists here but your “list of lists” inspired me to go do them now in my journal. Nighty night!


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