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Nov 8, 2018 | Life in Progress

I’ve been practicing the art of sending cards. I’ve forgotten how lovely it is to sip on a cup of tea while writing a note in just the right card for someone I love. And so, I did something I’ve never done before: I bought a boatload of cards for all sorts of occasions (mainly illness, death, birthdays, and just because cards) and I started writing letters. Cursive writing, even.

I am so very lucky to call both Emily McDowell and Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design my friends. Not only are they two of the bravest, smartest women I know, but they are my absolute go-to’s when I need THE card. Lately, I’ve had some pretty awful things happen to some pretty amazing people I hold dear. And their cards – both gorgeous in design and in words – have been beautiful messengers.

Do you have a card writing practice? Every week? Monthly? What are your favorite cards? I’d love to know.

Sending much love,

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  1. Mila

    So HI! I just found you via Pinterest! I’ve read your story, skimmed some work and words and I think you may be new bff for 2019!
    Im an artist at heart with a new venture that just began Thanksgiving when I needed to make some hand painted gifts. Out of that has come MiSolarium. It’s a creative space in my heart, mind, and home. I have goals for this year and am doing all I can to stay open; hands in receiving position. I’ve been painting angels nearly nonstop since November and though only one was truly Christmassy, I’m looking ahead to valentines and spring. I’m venturing into mixed media now… looking for inspiration …here we are! You speak my language.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Welcome, Mila! Thank you so much for joining our Possibilitarian world!

  2. shanika1981

    It really is funny, because we all assume everyone does it the same way that we do it, with many things. I want to do a few more of these in the future, and have been trying to decide what would be a good mid spring category.

  3. Debbie Spackman

    I take great joy in card-sending. Each year I write by hand a letter,on their birthday, to each of my 15 grandchildren. I tell them how inspiring they are to me. I point out their amazing qualities. And of course I express my love to them. I hope to continue this tradition for years to come!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I love this. THey will treasure forever and ever 🙂

  4. Robin Black

    I love sending and receiving cards! And, I’ve recently been selling them decorated with my art. I’d love to send you a set but you may not want to give out your address, so email me through my website if you’re interested.

    Kelly Rae, I’ve followed you and your art for years, and I’m happy for you in getting to move to beautiful Sisters! I lived in Bend and worked in Sisters for many years and it is the most joyful place on earth. I moved to NC last year to be near my sister who had cancer, but my heart is still in Central Oregon. Enjoy!


    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      THank you, Robin. I can’t wait to move there. Our family is over the top excited. I also love NC, though. Much love to you and your sister. xoxox

  5. Judy Camarigg

    When I pick up my mail, it is always a pleasant surprise to find a personal letter, card, or note. I enjoy making my own cards, and I love to read neat ones at specialty stores, or any place I see them. It INSPIRES me to do more of my own.And remember this, “to get a letter,
    Send a letter”… might just get one back!

  6. Sherry

    Your collection looks a lot like mine. Even though I make my own cards I have quite a few KRR cards and Curly Girl, and many lovely ones that Trader Joe’s carry. I try to remember special days for people or to cheer them up. I know I love to receive them. It is a meditation.

  7. Debra Eastridge

    Where do you find these cards? In a certain store or online? They look beautiful and I know I would love receiving or sending any of them! Cards are a great gift!!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      These came from their websites, but I’ve also been picking up cards here and there when I’m out and about. LOVE!

  8. Donna

    I LOVE sending cards! And Emily’s and Leigh’s are some of my very favorites. I also really love Sacred Bee, Quotable Cards, and the cards at Trader Joe’s.
    I keep a small box full of cards for lots of occasions, and some just because they’re funny (I adore food puns!).
    My intention is to send cards with a handwritten note at least once per month – although some months I forget. But mostly I remember because it makes me so happy to send a bit of joy out into the world.


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