I’ve been practicing the art of sending cards. I’ve forgotten how lovely it is to sip on a cup of tea while writing a note in just the right card for someone I love. And so, I did something I’ve never done before: I bought a boatload of cards for all sorts of occasions (mainly illness, death, birthdays, and just because cards) and I started writing letters. Cursive writing, even.

I am so very lucky to call both Emily McDowell and Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design my friends. Not only are they two of the bravest, smartest women I know, but they are my absolute go-to’s when I need THE card. Lately, I’ve had some pretty awful things happen to some pretty amazing people I hold dear. And their cards – both gorgeous in design and in words – have been beautiful messengers.

Do you have a card writing practice? Every week? Monthly? What are your favorite cards? I’d love to know.

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