We are closing on our Portland home soon (grateful it sold!), but I’m going to super miss my sweet little tiny studio in the backyard. I’m packing her up in the coming days. Farewell, tiny studio. You were my favorite studio EVER ever ever.

I won’t have a new studio space for many months (currently in between homes, waiting on our new home to be built in Sisters, Oregon) so I may explore art journaling a bit in the meantime. Excited for the exploration.

As much as I already miss our colorful house, I’m really looking forward to starting over with a new space. This past weekend, we went and met with our cabinet maker, and dreamed up a kitchen that will be the heart of our next home. We also dreamed up some unique built-ins that will bring the charm to a new build.

I’ve been pinning my heart out while obsessing over whether or not narrow glass chartreuse tiles would work for a backsplash. We’re going for a happy farmhouse vibe.
Although we’ve never built a home before, we have done a major remodel of an entire home (our sweet bungalow where we lived when True was tiny). It’s all coming back to me – the endless details that need sorting, the many decisions that need to be made. I’m truly enjoying it all. And savoring it, too, with gratitude. While we sold our giant long couch, we’re taking these chair beauties with us, though I’m not certain where they’re going to fit. Ditto for the extra long coffee table. Ditto the large rug.

PS: Head on over here to read the story of why we’re moving out to the country and over here for house build posts.


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