love thursday

May 22, 2008 | Life in Progress

love is the intensification of life – thomas merton. (yes. it. is.)

love thursday is finding you written in cursive on the back of a simple, unsuspecting bench. it’s found inside the quiet that i feel sitting here, watching the pacific come and go…the ebb and flow.
love thursday is finding you, all these years later, still in the center of my heart. you turned 34 this week and i loved every minute of celebrating with you as we roamed and wandered our way thru the santa cruz scenery. i love watching you surf…’re a long boarder, a soul surfer, a gentle spirit. happy birthday, baby.
love thursday is letting go of the struggle. embracing the joy. and leaning into the abundance that exists in all moments, big + small.

more love thursdays here.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Lina

    Beautiful post and beautiful photos…okay where is that lst one taken?? Think i will have to stop there during my Cali trip!!

  3. PSUMommy

    Oh, gorgeous photos! I especially love the bench…I’ve always thought that if people were going to vandalize, they should at least say something nice!

  4. Bonggamom

    Happy birthday to your special one and Happy love thursday to you.

  5. pERiWinKle

    Beautiful photos…especially the last one…and as always… your art is….all love (for specifically today)…

    happy that you and your hubbie could spent some time together…mmmm…love is all around xx

  6. it's me, Val

    super great pictures. I’ve never visited here and am bookmarkin’ ya. happy love Thurs!

  7. Debra W

    Lovely photos, lovely words.


  8. Shelli

    Beautiful photos and artwork. Your blog is gorgeous! Happy Love Thursday!


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