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May 17, 2008 | Life in Progress

love andrea’s expression in this photo and also love how her new superhero pendant is moving with her. i am loving the new camera.
after a full day of play at the ocean, ice cream cones, spontaneous adventures, conversation and photo taking, i dropped andrea off at her cozy berkeley home. as i continued my drive home, i listened to the weepies, sang out loud, and thought about andrea. how she is very much the kind of girl i like: smart, intuitive, fun + silly, insightful, and full of light. she also holds a talent so dear to many of us and unabashedly encourages us all to be our own superhero. what a delight she is. it was the kind of day that left me feeling nourished, upbeat, and hopeful of what’s to come.


i’ve been feeling incredibly spoiled in my friendships lately. whether it’s my hour (or two) long weekly phone chat with my bff, a sweet handwritten card from a portland pal (thank you, sarah), or a date with my local friends, i walk away from these experiences with a sense of renewed energy, a bit of inspired hope. i’ve always been on the cusp of introvert/extrovert. sometimes i feel renewal in times spent alone and sometimes i get it in times spent with dear ones. it’s 50/50. lately, the balance has been perfect. and i feel incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who totally get the idea that as women, we are often all things in one: that we can still be beautifully strong/talented/grounded while also being indecisive/worried/conflicted – that we can hold the space for one another to be all that we are and hope to become. it all feels very real, true, and honest.

i can’t believe it, but i think i’m totally smitten with california. life here, especially lately with all the warmth and sunshine, feels easy – even when there are so many deadlines, so much work to be done. i still have all my same complaints about this place (crowded, traffic, crime, insincerity, etc) but i’m learning to fully embrace the spirit, the greatness that exists here, and how my life has unfolded in spectacular ways in this place.

along with all the goodness of late, i’ve been having that self defeating thought of who do i think i am? more specifically, who do i think i am to be enjoying life so much, to have the people in my life that i do, to be doing what i love to do? oh my. it creeps in every now and again. somewhere in my life, i must have learned/accepted that life should be hard, that it shouldn’t be all about enjoyment and fulfillment, unless of course you’ve traveled through something painful. i’m learning that i deserve every ounce of joy that i receive, that i don’t have to explain it away, that everything doesn’t have to be hard. i like this easy feeling….feels natural.

i’m continuing the blissed out california experience and am heading out for a few days of camping along the coast. there will be lots of eating, exploring, scrabble by the campfire, and perhaps i’ll put on my wetsuit and surf (if the waves are nice and petite)!

i’ll return with stories, and photos. oh yes, i’ve been working on a bit of a collection of sorts and will be listing these goodies on etsy when i return in a few days – totally excited about this.

have a great week, friends!

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Swirly

    I go through similar doubts and emotions…and I always remind myself that the world is not served by any of us hiding our talents, dreams or passions. You are inspiring so many by living and sharing this wonderful life of yours!!!

  3. Lorie

    I think it is a very common belief that life should be difficult. However, I believe part of our obligation on this earth is to share and spread joy- Something only possible when we are feeling free and joyous. There is a balance between easiness and struggle- Good for you for enjoying where you are!

    Happy camping…

  4. Lisa

    it all sounds heavenly!
    can i please be you! im not complaining over here, but really – – it sounds heavenly. enjoy camping and scabble.

  5. Beth

    I just sent a superhero necklace to my blogging friend Jen. She’s fighting a huge battle with cancer and I thought this was perfect for her….aren’t they just the best piece of jewelry girls can own ?

    anyhow…as friends go, you can never have too many and if you want to meet Jen, she’d love to say HI !


  6. jenifer74

    your camping trip sounds just perfect – have fun & i’ll see you soon? (book club?!) take care of all your good happiness experience, california might try to keep you 😉

  7. Debra W

    This is my first visit to your site and I love it! Being an imported Californian(23 years now), I totally agree with what you said. There is something about this state that makes me never want to leave.


  8. Bijous Whimsy's Blog

    I just came to your blog through seeing your work in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Your work…WOW, that is all I can say, it is so awe-striking and beautiful to me and I am super excited to see you have a blog. I’ll definatly be checking in often. Thanks for the inspiration and your honest writing. Be Well and Happy Creating. Mandy p.s. Your right, life doesn’t have to be hard.

  9. Dana Loffland

    kelly rae, you sound much happier and more confident lately. Your work continues to inspire me.

  10. liz elayne lamoreux

    sounds like things are full of brightness and beauty for you right now. that is really wonderful.

    have a delightful trip!! hope to see some photos of you taking on those waves…

  11. justagirl

    It is good when you can get that balance in your life… I call it the 50 cent mixture, a little bit of everything.

    your little trip away sounds wonderful. Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing what new work you have to show us.



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