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Feb 15, 2008 | Life in Progress

with over 6 more weeks to go of his long distance crna residency, i so miss this man. i’m doing just fine here on my own. in fact, i’ve been really well, not really lonely at all, totally focused (and maybe a bit obsessed?) with wellness and life and work. but today i really felt the emotion of missing his presence inside these walls. his arms around me. his voice.

i’ve never really liked this photo of us. he looks wonderful, of course, but i always thought my hair looked too frizzy, caught inside the humidity of kauai’s warmth. and what’s up with that smile? and chubby cheeks? you know the drill. but tonite, when i revisit this photo, i’m reminded that it’s one of john’s favorites and this makes me love it. he sees beyond what i see. he sees the tenderness. and how we were standing on one of the most gorgeous spots on earth… togehter. and how a crazy artist lady snapped our photo for us. he sees the sweetness of the moment and all this holds meaning for him. me? well i used to see frizzy hair and a weird smile. but now i see us. i just simply see the two of us in the hands of a beautiful moment. and now, well now i love this photo.

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Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Schmoops

    this is a gorgeous photo of both of you, and i think you especially look adorable. but i know what you mean. all i saw in my kauai photos were frizzy hair until i really looked at them and just noticed how happy i was to be in such a gorgeous location with the love of my life. that is what i see in this photo of you…


  3. Leslie

    Beautiful picture of the two of you. I love that you have come to view it differently than you did before. Happy. Yes.

  4. Alexandra S

    I think this is a beautiful photo Kelly. It exudes a deep sense of love and peace together.

  5. Whatsername

    I see peace, happiness and Kelly & John. Miss you—and I can’t wait to see you soon!

  6. Lisa

    Very sweet photo. And I knew immediately the exact spot, because we were there once, too!!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. letter9

    That’s really nice. It’s good to see ourselves through other people’s eyes every once in a while. It’s like a whole new spin on empathy, and one I think it healthy and good for us.

  8. Jools

    Kelly, I’ve just found your blog and I love it! I love your blue shoes and your obvious passion for being your authentic self. Thank you for the reminder! I remember how much I love old stuff and green and pink, and wood and metal beds and beautiful patterns…
    Thanks Kelly, I’ll keep coming back for inspiration.

  9. Marel Lecone

    I can completely relate on seeing a pic and missing the love in it. (My husband will see it way before me.) Because I see my cheeks, chin, and whatever else. And, BTW, you know nothing of chubby cheeks, my dear. I’m glad that you love the pic too. Enjoy it. And, let your love warm you now.

  10. DJ

    I love that photo! I also have stood at the very spot, but it was ME taking photos of that SAME crazy artist lady! LOL I just bet it was the same person … we must have talked crazy art talk for an hour, and I took photos of her incredibly messy palette too. I loved that spot and my time with that crazy artist lady. I even purchased prints of her paintings of the falls. What a great memory that was.. thank you for taking me back there!

  11. Jodi

    Cute pic, no frizz that I can see. My first thought was “I’ve been there!” It brought back happy memories…

  12. Carolyn

    it’s sweet, and the body language that’s going on is so warm and loving… not only do I see the love, but the genuine friendship and affection.

    you are blessed!

  13. Missy k

    It’s interesting how hard we can be on ourselves. The picture looks like it could have been out of a j-crew catalog — you both look like models!

  14. Christianne

    so funny that you wrote about not liking this photo because as soon as i opened your page, i just stared at the picture for a few minutes before reading your words and even uttered out loud, “oh, she’s so cute!”

    you both look so relaxed and . . . happy. so at peace in your love for one another and the beauty of the environment.

    thanks for sharing how your thoughts on this have evolved. it was a sweet look into your heart.

  15. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    I see joy and contentment. Happiness beyond words. Sweetness of young love.

    I see two beautiful souls.

    I’m glad you now love this photo.

    xo Rella

  16. Colorsonmymind

    Hmmmm such beautoful change in perspective. I see the love and two beautiful people.


  17. Shalet

    Well you should love that photo – it’s great. And I, for one, do not see frizz or chub. I see two people happy and in love. Happy Love Thursday!


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