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May 29, 2008 | Life in Progress

tree heart, found in oakland
(more love thursdays over here)

found this lovely 4 chambered heart yesterday on our walk. i love how these hearts just appear – like little secrets exposed, only they’re happy secrets wanting to be found, released and shared. and here we are, our little family of feet…this photo totally cracks me up…
our a bit of randomness:
my first ever stationery line debuted at the nyc stationery show last week . although i wasn’t there to see things in action, i’m told the line did well (thank you, universe). also, a dear blog pal wrote to say she was there and saw the products and fancy displays in person. totally exciting for me. products should be up on the brush dance website soon. i’ll keep you posted…..i can’t believe i’m a girl with stationery products out in the world. omg. totally bizarre.i met someone yesterday who told me about his dear community of friends. he called them his family of intention. i’ve been thinking about it ever since – totally love this as a description of the people who we hold close in our lives. perfect. family of intention.

been thinking about jen a lot. she’s home from her incredible journey and i can’t wait to hear her stories. what an amazing woman she is. makes me want to turn my travel dreams into real.

also been thinking about how life is coming together here. how i have grown into some pretty wonderful friendships as well as into a life i love. we were on the phone this week with our mortgage broker (whose also a friend up in portland) so we can begin planning for our move back up there and i just kept thinking: man, we just got comfortable here these last few months and now here we are planning to leave later this year. such is life i suppose – a series of transitions. one after the other. i’m trying not to fight it. that part will come later, i’m sure.

book pre-orders continue to rock it. you guys are so making my life a living dream. thank you….i don’t believe i’ve shown you the new + improved cover of the book and the back of the book, too (designed by book designer extraordinaire marissa). how cool it is to see it coming together in full color, both in real life and in heart.
saw this video on someone’s blog (forgive me, i can’t remember who), but totally loved it. it speaks to the part of me that sometimes wants to throw my hands up in frustration. this woman inspires me to not give up. pretty incredible.

also been thinking about babies. yeah, i’m thinking i totally want one…..

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. vivian

    just found your blog and loving all you do. so inspirational – thank you!!

  3. Heather

    Thats so awesome about your stationary line! COngrats! I also cant wait for your book to come out. I totally need it!
    And uhoh…sounds like you got bit by the baby bug. Happened to once. She’s toddling around in the other room at the moment 😉
    They will change your universe!

  4. Giorgina Neilson

    Hi Kelly Rae, I absolutely love your work since I found you in the first magazine of Cloth Paper Scissor I purchased. It was like it willed me to buy it so I could find your inspiration.

    I would like to purchase a copy of your book but can’t seem to get the link. Could you please send me the link or inform me how I can purchase one of these signed copies.

    Giorgi, from Australia

  5. asnipofgoodness

    I just love your heart photos, and now see hearts wherever I go. I love your art work also. Keep up the beautiful work!!!

  6. Katrina

    congrats, dear lady! this post is just bursting with energy and satisfaction. congrats on the stationery & the book cover & the ongoing love and light…

  7. julie king

    your blog always inspires me to think positive and live with my heart! thanks for that! congrats on the stationery! i can’t wait to check it out and i can’t wait for my copy of your book to arrive!! a baby? by far,life’s greatest creative endeavor!!!

  8. bLu eYd YoGi

    wow! are you just fabulous or what!? i wonder if u’d be up for qa good time? i paint u, u paint me~ then we trade~ have a look at my blog, i’ve just done it with 2 other fabulous artists! ~FUN!

  9. pERiWinKle

    I also LOVE and found everywhere hearts! and then I thiink of you!!!!

    Think the book will be fabulous! (that is the one about hearts!) 🙂

    And being content..and excited…and having expectations…yummie! xx

  10. pERiWinKle

    I also LOVE and found everywhere hearts! and then I thiink of you!!!!

    Think the book will be fabulous! (that is the one about hearts!) 🙂

    And being content..and excited…and having expectations…yummie! xx

  11. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    I love this post! Your energy is just fabulous right now. Love the cover! Oh my ~ It’s divine with all your colorful angel girlies and butterflies! Can’t wait to see the stationary ~

  12. suzanne

    what a lovely post…i can tell you first hand the ‘baby’ with worth the wait. my little one is 2 now and he has brought so much happiness to our lives. 🙂 wishing you well and a wonderful weekend. ciao!

  13. Rekoj

    Congratulations on the stationary line! Can’t wait to see it.
    And I agree – a book of found hearts would be lovely!

    Did you know that today’s Illustration Friday topic is Baby? I found that a curious conincidence =) Happiest of today and futures to you!

  14. Relyn

    I love the heart you found. I love your new book jacket. I really love “family of intention”. Ok, I am just feeling a lot of love today. Thanks for all the inspiration. Congratulations to you on your book and your stationary. That is wonderful!

  15. Carmen

    Your heart photos are always such a treat Kelly. I agree with Christianne… they would make a wonderful book!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the book cover. I pre-ordered it the day you posted it on your blog and cannot wait to get my hot little hands on it. Your work is so inspiring.

    A baby?! They are wonderful… my two little munchins are the lights of my life… even when they’re driving me batty!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!



  16. Nic Hohn

    Lots going on for you at the moment! your blog is always an inspiration to read and view. thank you for sharing so much…

  17. Christianne

    family of intention . . . i love that, too!

    i love your heart photos. i still think it would be totally cool to have a whole collection of them in a book (how fun would it be to flip through a coffee-table style book like that when you’re visiting a friend’s house??!) or even a blog where people submit their found heart photos and they get featured.

    that photo of your guys’ feet totally cracked me up, too. 🙂


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