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Jul 9, 2007 | Life in Progress

breathe 2, on canvas, available soon
i cannot get enough of deb talan and the weepies. her lyrics and voice just make me slip away into thought and warmth. on a totally different note, did anyone see madonna’s performance for LiveEarth? holy smokes, she is still so hot and in shape and amazing. i hadn’t seen her in awhile (you know, it’s been awhile since we’ve had tea, what with our busy schedules and all) and was blown away by her performance. she’s gorgeous. gorgeous! so yes, i’ll admit i’m a huge madonna fan. i always have been…like when i was 10 years old and wore madonna-inspired jelly bracelets all the way up my arms along with torn shirts and tights. those were also the years of choreographing countless dance routines to “true blue” and “lucky star” with my neighborhood friends. oh god, such fun!
me, mai-lei, ashley, mandels – madonna club
1991, 16 long years ago

i even loved her in my teen years when it wasn’t cool to be a madonna fan. here’s a photo from our silly (and hilarious) madonna club in highschool. like complete dorks, the four of us would wear our home-made madonna t-shirts on the same day to school. we were total dorks, professing our love for her in the early 90’s when it seemed everyone else was listening to nirvana, pearl jam, and jane’s addiction. i have such fond memories of driving around in my little car with the sunroof open while my girlfriends and i would sing “vogue” or “into the groove” at the top of our lungs. i hope passersby smiled sweetly and thought “oh, youth!” as i do today when i see such silliness. man. memories….my favorite madonna phase remains her bohemian phase with the “Like a Prayer” album. what’s yours????

Sending much love,

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  2. Anna

    Breathe 2 – I love this artwork!

  3. daffa

    still remember your choreography from “true blue”?? i challenge you to a dance off!! what fun… ahh madonna… how i loved thee (though it’s been a while since i’ve “seen” her also)

    my favourite?? hmm… the early stuff… i think i was growing out of her by the immaculate collection…

  4. POPIN Sisters

    Cute pic, are you still in contact w/ Mandy? We were best friends in 7th/8th grade and I’d love to catch up with her…

  5. Katie

    I love The Weepies. So Soothing. Also, the work you’ve been posting lately is just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  6. cheeky

    Oh those were the days! I too was a fan.
    She can still rock with the best of ’em and is she insanely fit, or what? She is always reinventing herself and I do think she looks fantabulous! Just wait. She’s going to give new meaning to becoming a senior citizen.

  7. Lisa in Ohio

    Simply hilarious! I, too, went through a Madonna phase…the bracelets, earrings, torn clothing, lace headwraps, etc. Oh my gosh!

    Thank you for being brave enough to share you photo with us! We’re laughing and remembering along with you. 🙂

  8. tali

    I’ve always loved Madonna…wish I could have seen her performance. I’m having a difficult time choosing just one album–I love each at different times of my life.

  9. daisies

    madonna is a goddess and i have so loved her forever … i have a very old, very worn vhs copy of desperately seeking susan which i have watched hundreds of times 🙂 i too enjoyed her bohemian phase!!

    super cute photo!!


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