new bangs

Jul 7, 2007 | Life in Progress

new bangs. new to me.
spent the day in the city with garrett, my friend x 20 years. we talked a lot about girls and dating. man, the things he’s been putting up with!! i love chatting with my dating friends. they seem to be having such fun, although it seems like a whirlwind of uncertainty for them at times, too. i enjoy hearing what’s going on today in the world of first dates, awkward break-ups, and full-on romances. i barely remember my dating days. i just remember knowing my first date with john would be my last date in the game of dating. i was done. gone to heaven. done. in love. up until then, i was the girl who swore she would never get married. i love how the universe changes our minds, softens us with the very things we need in our lives. i love how it all happens against our best efforts and beliefs. i’ve since learned that i can’t control every detail of my life and just that little piece of knowing, that understanding, is incredibly comforting to me. all i have to worry about is putting my heart forth in the world, my best efforts, and the rest is, well, it’s just the rest.
garrett snapped this pic of me in front of robert rauschenberg’s ginormous piece. i love this piece. a favorite, for sure.

we went to the moma’s Matisse exhibit, then wandered the streets for awhile. man, i love the crowded streets of san fran. the best people watching ever. ever. i need to do a better job of taking photos when i’m down there. i almost snapped a photo of a very sweet and smiley homeless man carrying a colorful sign that read, “my wife’s been kidnapped! please give me money!”. when i started laughing, he started laughing, too and said, “well, at least i tried!”. so funny. i find that the homeless folks in san fran are quite good humored and vocal. and appreciative, too. just the other day, i bought a happy meal for a homeless person outside of burger king and she was the most grateful homeless person i think i’ve ever met. she could care less about asking for change. the dearheart just wanted some food. in portland, john and i would give our restaurant leftovers to the homeless, but several times we’d encounter “i don’t feel like chicken tonite” or “where’s the ketchup?”. i suppose everyone has a preference, homeless or not!

in other news, i’m beginning to feel a bit frantic with upcoming deadlines, something i’m not accustomed to, but grateful for all at once. tomorrow i’m planning on getting out the calendar and making a weekly lists of goals for the next several months. i think that will help. i’m a list maker by nature and a good hearty list always seems to calm my nerves even if i never look at it again. funny how that works.

Sending much love,

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  2. Shari Beaubien

    Oh my gosh, your homeless man’s sign/story has me rolling! Thanks for sharing that! And LOVE the Madonna club photo! Too cute… Hugs, Shari

  3. Tammigirl

    I just wanna say I love the baby bangs. I really like the pix of you with the very short haircut from a few days ago.

  4. gem

    hi, you. i love lists, too & i love your gorgeous bangs. thank you, too, for the shout out in your recent post…


  5. Diane Duda

    Hi Kelly…
    Haven’t been here in awhile, but I still everything is just as lovely as ever. Love the little Joy piece down below.
    Hope you had a happy, happy birthday.

  6. Julie H

    What a sweet sweet heart you have! We have homeless people herein Australia, but I would never see any in my little city.

  7. Alexandra S

    Hey Kelly! This reminded me when I lived in Berkeley and there was a homeless guy on University Ave with a sign that said “Advice 25 cents” and as I passed he said, “I don’t know you so I can be objective!” Hes right! Your bangs look great, btw. Too many people don’t notice nor care about homeless people they pass every day and I appreciate your heart so much. Good luck with your deadlines!

  8. deirdre

    I remember my dating days as not so fun – what a relief it was to meet my boyfriend and have it feel so right from the first date.

    S.F. is great for people watching – such a variety of people.

    I used to carry gift certs. for McDonald’s to give homeless people when it seemed like the right thing to do. Sometimes the response was a thank-you, other times I got scowled at. Either way, I felt better about myself for listening to the voice of compassion.

    I often make lists then shove them to the bottom of my purse, not to be found again until the next cleaning. The act of writing down my to-dos seems to help lock them into my brain. I love a good list.

  9. nina

    hey honey! i’ve been away from my computer world for going on three weeks now, and it’s been like i’ve been under water or something…it’s good to get caught up and read TEN of your posts all in one sitting. i love your new bangs! love the photo of you and john! and a belated happy birthday to you, sweet thing. and hey – you don’t know hot, remember, until you’ve stayed in alabama (or florida) with NO AIRCONDITIONING for days at a time with the temperature hovering just under 100 and the humidity so thick that it drapes itself around you like a blanket. ah, the south – we love it, don’t we? i thought of you when i was there. heck, it was even that hot in wisconsin for a bit.
    hope all is well – it seems to be in your neck of the woods. sending love and hugs – xoxoxoxo

  10. Sharon

    Kelly, I am the same way about list. Just about to do the same thing here. One of my fav Sat am things to do.
    Did you know, I just realized that your girls all seem to be little self portairts. They are so all so precious and beautiful and full of spirit.


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