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Jul 6, 2007 | Life in Progress

(a sneak peek to one of the projects for the book)

been feeling a bit mixed up this week. a bit quiet. and a bit like spending some time alone. the gemini in me is showing itself. one week, i want to be super social. the next i want to be alone. john and i are both on the cusp of gemini, he at the beginning of the cycle and me at the end. sometimes i joke that we have 6 personalities in the mix. it’s true.

i’ve been working, thinking, and generally being a bit moody. the highlights have been spent painting and writing. i love finishing a project. it’s the best feeling, like discovering a forgotten christmas present under the tree. i’m not sleeping well – finding myself just an inch or so away from awake-ness all night long. frustrating. i have also found myself in that weird space and dilemma of knowing what i need to change in my life but not quite having the motivation to take action. also frustrating! and on a side note, i find it fascinating that i’m always in middle of the road on any personality test i’ve ever been given. always on the cusp on everything. i wonder what that is all about.

and what’s worse is that i haven’t had that feeling of missing portland in awhile. it’s as if i’m betraying a good friend by even admitting it, but it’s true. i suppose i’ve acclimated.

oh, and i learned how to play poker this week. we played that song by kenny rogers, the gambler, earlier in the day and sang it out loud in our apt while doing silly dances. felt good. i’ve always loved that song. reminds me of being 9 years old.

more soon…

Sending much love,

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  2. Krisite LaRose

    My mom is a Gemini and a twin- god help her and those around her- she/they have a slew of personalities. 🙂

    The Cancer side of you is the grounding one.

    Right now we are in a period of Mercury Retrograde- it happens 3 times a year and can mess w/ emotions/feelings/how we see and think about life/ we tend to analzye the crap out of stuff- This one is supposedly a very intense one, it ends in a few weeks… Seeing its in the sign of cancer that could be getting your emotions going…

  3. Colorsonmymind

    Hey I am not a Gemini but I feel like this a lot. LOL.

    hmmm maybe I have soime aspect or house that explains that.

    Anyway-I love the lightness of your writing-how clear you seem to be about so much even when you are on the cusp-so to speak.

    Sending you love

  4. kellyrae

    joy will be available soon, both original and print. sign up for the mailing list (on the sidebar) to be notified when new prints and originals are posted in the boutique. i should have them posted later this month….
    thank you for asking!

  5. Tammigirl

    Hi Kelly. I’m a cusp baby, too…Virgo/Libra. Oh, but that’s a whole post on it’s own.

    Anyway, does “joy” come as a print yet?

  6. Lina

    Oh we Gemini’s can run the gammut huh? I am the life of the party one night and the next i just dont want to talk to anyone…i totally understand. I love being around all my friends, but for me i need solitude as well…my own space and my own time just for me. I crave it and feel more creative when i have that. Peace to ya.

  7. Jennifer Valentine

    How I remember “The Gambler”!
    Don’t feel like you are betraying an old friend….you’ve got to bloom where you are planted! (corny, huh?)

  8. kelly

    try being a scorpio…talk about a rollercoaster! we have a friend who is heading out to vegas for the world poker tournament this weekend. he will be wearing a “hunter dan” baseball cap. he won his $10k entry fee from sprint and will be wearing a sprint teeshirt. what for him. gasaway is his last name.

    i dig your stuff…and i love that you paint on the top like i do.


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