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Jul 3, 2007 | Life in Progress

bits and pieces of my life lately bringing me joy:

a double mix cd sent to me by this heartbreakingly lovely friend who’ve i’ve known and adored forever it seems. my friends all seem to be hip and in touch with the music world, something i let go of so long ago. so, the mix cds are huge to me. they keep me young and informed. and john loves them, too.

magazines sent by karen today (and another mix cd). i love resting on the couch with magazines. it’s simple, but indulgent.

reading the latest Cloth Paper Scissors, cover to cover.

recently meeting this new friend here in the city. my community is growing here. thank you, world!

that this kindred spirit finally started her own blog. she has so much to say, and she says it with the kind of thought and intention that inspire me to do better.

ordering this book from one of my favorite authors. her books are haunting, beautiful, and make me grateful for my childhood, however fragmented and hard it was.

buying this gorgeous piece of artwork by dj. i’m going to keep it by my bedside for those late night inspirations + ideas.

recent phone conversations (and thoughtful bday gifts…) with all of my girlfriends – they keep me grounded, inspired, and in awe of the connection we all share, still.

nice emails.

that my sister in law liz may be moving to san fran soon. we’ve never lived in the same city and the idea of spending some time with her, to deepen our friendship toward more understanding, is exciting to me.

my mom.

and this, found over at andrea’s site. being a huge fan of the human spirit, i just love, love, loved this.

Sending much love,

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  2. liz elayne

    love all the links my friend!

    and this piece is beautiful…love those big letters!

    happy day to you my dear…

  3. Judy Wise

    OMG. Paul Potts. My first introduction to this lovely man. Thank you for that. Inspiring and wonderful; it gives me joy.

  4. misty

    oh, wow…i have not seen that video before either……goosebumps and tears….amazing! He is just so sweet…and that voice…wow. thank you for sharing it with your other great links! life is sweet, isn’t it! xoxo

  5. Cre8Tiva

    i love sitting with a pile of magazines…becoming inspired and encouraged…blessings, rebecca

  6. Lina

    Thanks for sharing that video, i had not seen it before. IT literally brought me to tears…what a beautiful humble and talented man. It gives me hope. Thanks..and love the new stuff.

  7. deirdre

    Life just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

    Love the video – I’ve seen it several times and keep going back to watch again. There’s something so sweet and hopeful and kind of innocent about it. Thanks for sharing it.


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