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May 18, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress


 (me and Beth, photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon)

Beth and I have been doing some serious exhaling, celebrating, and virtual toasts with one another lately. Our collaborative e-course, The Business Soul Sessions: Where Passion Meets Profit, has ended it’s first run.

Let me tell you, this experience has been front and center in my life since last summer when we started collaborating on the content, the ideas, the mission of the course, and on and on. I am incredibly proud and quite grateful to Beth. She is an amazing partner and I’m counting my lucky stars to be in business with her.

I’m also counting my lucky stars for the INCREDIBLE feedback we’ve been getting on this course. I had to share some of it with you………..


“I keep realizing how life-changing this has already been. How on earth did Kelly Rae and Beth figure out how to do this? Whatever it is, I thank you. You are shaping my future.”

“I dove into the Business Soul Sessions and within the first couple of days felt a powerful shift in my life. The course is designed to help us discover the soul in our business, to approach business in a novel, revolutionary way. I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I have found myself feeling as if I am having a secret love affair.I have been high for a few days. I keep experiencing this breathless excitement, like just after having discovered a new crush that you don’t want anyone to know about but can’t help hide that big goofy smile that is liable to give it all away.”

“This class can help more than just artists. ANYONE really interested in living from the soul. I know so many entrepreneurs….in the food business, massage therapy business, etc….and if they could take this class….I KNOW it would benefit them!”

“Thank you Kelly Rae Robert and Beth Nicholls. Talk about life changing and addicting. Oh my. Loving this and so grateful!”

“I’ve been swept away, and I’m glad I’m not the only one having vivid dreams. I was going to hire a business coach, but the content here is proving so much more valuable.”

“My art business is VERY new and I knew I was a little premature for the content of this class, but I wanted to do it anyway. And I’m glad I did! It’s challenging me for sure and makes me giddy for the future! Thank you, thank you!”

“Feeling energized, empowered and pee in my pants excited about where this is taking me.”

 (me and Beth, photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon)

“Just wanted to say thank you. This has opened up massive possibilities for me.”

“Wow I am just blown away. I had know idea I had all this inside of me trying to get out! 
Thank you Kelly and Beth for helping me see my shining light!!”

“WOW! I cannot believe how transforming this is!”

“I think this HSHB model is finally a functional and meaningful business model that powerfully engages a feminine approach to business. Where traditional (masculine) business approaches have brought us corporate greed, corruption and unethical, usustainable business practices, HSHB embodies an approach that is personal, accountable and empowered, where service is a way a life and not a marketing ploy tacked on at the last minute and outsourced. It creates the context for meaningful interaction between individuals and businesses that will nourish us personally, locally and globally and rejects the notion that we have to sell our souls to turn a profit.”


“I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels totally absorbed by HSHB. I think about it in the supermarket, while I’m getting dressed, while watching tv. I actually forgot about my three etsy shops which I need to tend to. I think as long as I don’t forget I have a son to take care of, this is a great thing!”

“Stunning exercises.”

“Harvard Business School could learn a lot from this class!”

“I believe I’m at the right place here. I have been learning all about traditional ways of growing a business, but I always felt that something was missing. No one talked about the soul part. So, I felt alone, different and felt that my business will never grow, because I’m looking for the ‘soul’ part… Now I know it is possible!! Thank you!”

“I am loving the whole basis and energy that this class emits. It’s an incredible amount of work that you have put together for us. I just love the energy and warmth that you both seem to manage so well to generate even over the net and also when we’re on the topic of business. It’s refreshing, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. I am loving all the unearthing, learning, discovering, writing, drawing and all the while looking at this from such a different approach, one that makes so much sense though! Thank you, words just don’t come as perfectly as I’d like to say thank you for such an incredible online course!”

“I ended up writing until my hand hurt. What a great exercise!”

“I feel like the whole world has been opened up to me since I started this! Thank you!”

“Truly thank YOU. I feel like you are giving me the keys to unlock so much positive energy and It’s only just begun. I haven’t felt this elated at any time other than when I had my first baby. ”

“…I’m blown away…The attention to detail and excellence….stunning, the content…rich and vast, and the heart and soul that went into Hello Soul…palpable…thank you to the moon and back!!!!”

“Hello Soul Hello Business is more than just an e-course on business. It’s an ignition, a kind of spark that sets fire to a wild and uncontrollable wave of innovation. And in its flame is born inspiration, motivation, and possibility – all limitless. The course is many things wrapped up into one, a journey well worth the initial struggle, resulting with a swell of accomplishment.”



(Beth and me – taken with my iphone)

There are some things we do in life that we just know in our bones makes a difference and that we’ll always be proud of. This is one of those things for me in my life.

Beth and I are now reworking this ecourse into a pioneering, innovative and soulful business development experience vs a traditional e-course. It’s going to knock your socks off. Click here if you want to be notified when we announce all the details soon!

Big, HUGE thanks to all of you who took the course. You made it incredibly special.

Image credits: All photos taken by the amazing Tracey Clark unless otherwise credited. Tracey also shot all the beautiful images throughout the ecourse, making it one gorgeous classroom.

Sending much love,

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