melting heart

Sep 24, 2005 | Life in Progress

i’m sitting here thinking about how most of my mornings start. usually, john gets up way before me and i quickly fall back asleep. just before he leaves for work, he comes back to kneel at the bedside, gives me goodbye kisses, tells me how sweet i look sleeping, then he always, always, gives me a gigantic hug while i’m half asleep. he tells me he’s already let bella outside to potty and tells me to have a great day. he does this every single day he gets up before me, which is often. it is the sweetest morning routine and my heart melts and sinks and burst with sunshine each and every time he kneels beside me to love on me and give me a send off into the world for the day. what a wonderful way to wake up, fall asleep again, wake up. he is my heartbeat.

reading back on some of my posts, i am a girl like every other girl i know: most days has a great head on her shoulders, feels genuinely upbeat, loves her friends and family, wants to learn and appreciate life, and just feels overall really good about the journey ahead. but then there are days that feel mixed up, off balance. and this is where most of the learning takes place. and the learning makes the most clear of days even more splarkely when you know what you’ve come from. i know i have a good thing going on. i’m a smart, creative, sweet, full of energy kind of a girl. most days, i feel inspired. some days, i don’t. i need to be more accepting of the off balance days as they have their purpose, too.

speaking of being creative, my “making are out of recycled materials” class was cancelled because of low enrollment. i’m disappointed, but i’m thinking about emailing the professor for ideas on other classes, opportunities.

Sending much love,

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  1. Victorian Lady

    I can relate to this. Here's to learning from the off balance days. 🙂


  2. dfh








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