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Sep 29, 2005 | Life in Progress

I heard that song “We Are The World” today on a pbs special about LiveAid. Hearing it immediately took me back to the summer of 1985 when I was obsessed with Michael Jackson and I was insane over that song. I was 10 years old and I was spending the summer in New Jersey and I remember spending a lot of time with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathy. Anyways, I had a little cassette player and I would play that song over and over and over again. I remember being fully inspired whenever i heard it. I remember feeling so innocent and connected to the lyric “we are the children” and i just knew that I could indeed save the world. i was 10. it was, and has been moments like these that are woven whispers in my life, small moments, like silly songs, but have meaning and are touching to my soul for a good reason. they speak to me, expose my essence, and remind me what i’m supposed to do and what has meaning for me.

speaking of michael jackson, one of my most favorite surprises of all time was when my mom surprised me with michael jackson concert tickets. it was his “thriller” tour, 1984 i think. we saw him at the gator bowl in jacksonville. they were nosebleed seats, but i didn’t care. we had binoculars! it was just mom and me, and our handy binoculars. i was nuts over michael jackson, just like every other 9 year old, and it was so cool to go back to school that fall and brag about how i actually got to see him in concert, thanks to my mom’s brilliant idea. i’ll never forget it. that was the summer of michael jackson, madonna, and olivia newton john for me. i couldn’t get enough of them. i was a closet madonna fan until high school when i finally came out with mai-lei and mandy and ashley turba. we made madonna tshirts and wore them periodically throughout the school year (all on the same day, of course). we wore those tshirts with our chins up and we were proud – total dorks, but proud. i miss highschool.

Sending much love,

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  1. Clare

    I was at that show! I was visiting my Dad (didn’t live in Jax yet) and my stepmom and stepsister decided we would just go to the Gator Bowl to see if we could buy tickets from someone. We were also in the nosebleed seats and I have a distinct memory of the strong scent of pot all over the place. SUCH a good show though.

    By the way, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” has the same impact on me. I have always been a little resentful of “We Are the World” because “Christmas” came first and it had Duran Duran in it. I always thought MJ and Quincy Jones ripped off the Brit’s idea…

    Clare ox


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