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Aug 5, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

“when nothing is sure, everything is possible” – marge drabble

my brain feels as cluttered & messy as this studio space! i’ve had frustrating, almost paralyzing hours in the studio as i prepare works for the book. i am feeling the pressure to make lovely pieces that are book worthy, yet the internal expectations are driving me mad. i’ve played all sorts of tricks on myself, similar to what my friend laini does while writing her books (i pretend the painting isn’t for a book at all, rather it’s practice!), but my brain fires right back with a game of uncertainty. i wasn’t expecting this nor had i planned on it with deadlines fast approaching! please send the good juju, love, inspiration, fearlessness, and beaming lights of creativity toward me these next few weeks as i throw myself into this project. i want to do my best and am reminding myself often of the above quote. so true. anything and everything is possible.

—> update: after a much needed break with some tea and fresh air, i went back into the studio. now, hours later, i feel much better. sometimes, i suppose, i just need to really push through.

also, happy birthday to my dear friend ama. i was smitten with her fairy-like sweetness the minute i met her 14 years ago. like so many others, i adore her for her quiet honesty, her voice which is unlike any other, her sincere + beautiful (beyond words) writing which makes me wish upon wishes that i could do the same, her courage to make ginormous changes in her life, even when it meant everything. she leaves the best voice messages a girl could ask for. and she makes a mean mix cd. oh yes, and i’ve kept each and every collage she’s ever made for me, even the big ones on large cardboard turned into birthday cards. she is the girl that every girl admires, yet you can tell her all your secrets and she won’t think you’re crazy. she might just touch your nose as she’s making a conversational point. she is a special, special lady, that ama. precious. precious. and she can dance her booty off on the dance floor.

Sending much love,

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  1. Colorsonmymind

    Ahhh I know the messy studio syndrome-it means you are busy creating.

    I will send you lots of productive thoughts and do a dance imagining you all finished-grinning from ear to ear because you are so happy with the results.

  2. Lina

    A messy studio shows you are being creative and productive, lo. Thanks for the quote, loving it.

  3. Steph

    Making tea always gives us a moment to be in the moment! Thank you for the honesty of your blog.

  4. Teresa

    You look like one busy girl! I love a messy studio 🙂


  5. Kirsten Michelle

    i love this quote and your beautiful studio.
    may you find all the love and support you need today and in the weeks ahead…

  6. Laura K

    I love the photo of your studio! Thanks for sharing. Also, you are lucky to have such a precious friend.

  7. cindy in carolina

    Glad you got your direction back. If the work doesn’t turn out, then it was just practice and move on to the next one.


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