Sep 6, 2006 | Life in Progress

you can blame ama for this. please don’t hate me because i like list.

Q: What was the last CD you bought?
Matt Costa. Oh my, he’s replaced my mason jennings obsession.

Q: What song are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to the sound of the ocean coming from our alarm clock.

Q: What was the last show you went to?
i saw rickie lee jones just a couple of days ago. i love her voice. i love her lyrics. Her song “stewart’s coat” gets me every single time.

Q: Which artists do have the most CDs of?
jack johnson. ben harper. everything but the girl. ani difranco.

Q: If you had the choice of only downloading songs or only buying CDs/albums/8-tracks for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
downloading is convenient, but i miss the art and the thank you notes inside the real deal.

Q: If you can pull an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase a band from your memory that you used to love, which band would it be?
well i did go to a New Kids on the Block concert when i was 12. does that count? i don’t get embarrassed about music. i love it all. so i’m choosing not to erase any of it. except for richard marx. but i swear i was still 12 then.

Q: Which band(s) do you wish you had seen?
REM – i had tickets in college but the venue’s roof was torn away by a hurricane and the concert cancelled. i’ve missed out on countless shows. we just missed out on Death Cab a couple of weeks ago. and i never had the chance to see the beggarweeds.

Q: Who’s the most overrated band of all time?
grateful dead. definitely. for sure. grateful dead.

Q: Most underrated band of all time?
jake ryan

Q: Who had the greatest impact on popular culture, Elvis or The Beatles?
i’m thinking the beatles.

Q: Favorite albums of all time:
not a pretty girl – ani difranco
white album – beatles
grandpa would – ben lee
billy bragg & wilco – mermaid ave
built to spill – nothing wrong with love
ride -going blank again
stone roses – stone roses
dixie chicks -home
everything but the girl – amplified heart
ida – all of them
indigo girls – rites of passage
jack johnson – in between dreams
johnny cash – folsom prison
kelly hogan – beneath the country underdog
lauryn hill -miseducation of …
madonna – like a prayer
mason jennings – century spring
matt costa – songs we sing
new order – substance
oasis – definitely maybe
simon & garfunkel – all of them

Q: You ever travel to a different time zone to see a concert?
yes. new orleans. lalapalooza. many years ago.

Q: You ever say that you liked a song/artist just to impress a person of the opposite sex?
i’m sure i told john i loved grateful dead when we were dating. the silly things we say when we’re falling in love…

What was your prom theme?
i have no idea. i think it had something to do with a ship and the sea. who knows.

Q: Kanye West, musical genius or pompous dickhead?
no idea.

What’s the best show you ever saw?
jack johnson, ben harper, & g love, all together, outdoors, washington state.

Q: You find the person of your dreams, everything you ever wanted in a person and their favorite band of all time is Sugar Ray, what do you do?
love them anyway. and make them a ton of mix tapes.

Q: If you could reunite one band with all its original members who are still alive, which band would you reunite?
i dunno. mabe the 10,000 maniacs or the sundays. stone roses. jake ryan.

Q: If you could bring back one musician who died prematurely, which musician would you bring back? marley.

Q: What does E G B D F stand for?

Q: What’s your favorite song(s) of all time? (Right this moment.)
too many to list here, but i will say Maybelle by Ida for now.

Q: What’s the deal with indie rock boys wearing thick-frame glasses and indie rock girls looking like librarians?
you tell me. it’s seems all the rage, especially in austin, texas.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Anonymous

    We share a lot of musical tastes. Ben Harper and Ani Difranco are two of my faves. When in NYC, I saw Ani at Carnigie Hall and Ben at The Bowery Ballroom. Two amazing shows.

  3. kelly

    you are killing me!

    the list is scary…although i have some new names to check out!
    there is a band called jake ryan
    i loved 16 candles!

    my sister-in-law – huge deadhead.
    she followed them for a whole summer.

    big hellya on the marley comment.

    thanks for sharing….


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