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Dec 9, 2005 | Life in Progress

like many others, i was obsessed with john lennon in highschool. i had posters, all the music, and big, oversized photograpy books about him. my mom used to even buy me collector magazines about him whenever she’d find them at the antique malls. he was a gem. a believer. someone our world needed. i’ve heard it a million times, but every single time i hear “Imagine” i get chills. it’s perfect.

I have a thing about going to bed each night knowing that all is right in my little world. i really hate unresolved conflict and the feeling that someone is not happy with me. it’s my perfectionist/people pleaser side coming out. so, today when i could sense that one of my friends/coworkers was upset with me, i worked quickly to resolve it. sometimes i get nervous about approaching the conversation, and sometimes it’s fine. today i was a bit nervous. but i’ve learned that most conflicts, as was the case today, are simple misunderstandings and/or misperceptions. and i’ve also learned that the conversation to resolve an issue actually becomes an opportunity to really connect with someone, partly because i’m like “no, i love you. and no, i’m so sorry”, but also because i realize just how important this person is to me and it’s not worth it to waste another minute being unhappy. life is too short. and i want to be someone who celebrates, not someone who festers.

Sending much love,

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  1. sandbox piano

    Im a big Beatles-John Lennon fan myself, i think all the time im glad they were put on this earth to make music that gets us through our own lives. i enjoyed your post.
    Sandbox piano


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