Weekly Update – Family Times, Dressing Up in Joy, and Yard Sale Finds!

Aug 21, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, August 14

I took a short trip to Manzanita yesterday with a couple of girlfriends. This little town holds so much magic for me. It would be a dream to be able to own a little cabin here someday. The weather was gorgeous and so much peace in my soul. Love you, #manzanita! – See more at: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1021310411454761888_4682769
NOTICE: You are hereby allowed to be happy, to love yourself, to realize your worth, to believe in great things, and to be treated with love and respect. I’ve seen this quote floating around the Internet, and I adore it. Good reminder going into the weekend, my friends. Have a great one! – See more at: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1031236835330443657_4682769


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn A hopeful spirit if there ever was one! Here’s to a weekend of celebrating your gifts! This one reads “our impossibility is our greatest gift.” Print available from my shop! #kellyraeroberts #celebrate #possibility – See more at: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1036307794030709145_4682769
when businesses sneak in messages of love and hope. This was a little
tea shop in the woods last week. Love is SO worth it. 100%.


And then she followed her heart…
And let joy in… Amazing things happen when let joy into our hearts. Hope you have a joy-filled weekend!
in bed with a nasty cold. Hoping to drift off soon. But first I’m
diving further into this most interesting biography of Edgar Cayce.

Saturday, August 15

Loving this capture of my parents. Aren’t they cute? Endlessly grateful for these two. ♥️❤️
two are exactly four weeks apart in age. They’ve been great friends
since they were babies. I love that they hug each other fiercely, play
well, work it out when they are upset, and hold hands while running.
Witnessing childhood makes me beam. Also, True told me today that he
does NOT think our house is beautiful because he “prefers rainbow
colors, but your earrings sure are beautiful, mama!”
Sunday, August 16
call this room our family fort. It’s where we watch movies, rough
house, play games, build forts. Anyway, the other day John and I fell in
love with this rug from Pottery Barn and we decided to just start
layering rugs. Why not? I’m super inspired by The Jungalow right now. Plants. Rugs. I’m so not a minimalist when it comes to
decor. I’m a collector and maximalist and loving how our home is coming
together, layer by layer. I have a home tour coming up for you guys
Monday, August 17
She was learning to silence the noise,
and reawaken to her own bright bloom.
Here’s to reawakening, my friends. Let’s make this week a good one.

It’s a dressed up in jpy day over here. Also, so happy to have little piggies while I await a
hair cut. It’s the little things, no? This week is a biggie: filming a
new video for my upcoming new website, making new art, working on the
backyard, and more.
Tuesday, August 18
So good.
Regram from Sabrina Ward Harrison.


Based on the extreme cheekiness that’s happening in this photo, it’s safe to say we’re having a good time. Susan Roderick is here filming a new video for me, ya’ll, and she is so fun.


Wednesday, August 19

Dear Child.
promise to come alive with joy when you enter the room (I want you to
feel loved and celebrated). I promise to encourage you to dream big and
reach toward possibility with faith and courage along the way.
promise to create, play, dance, and sing with you (joyful creative
abandon will be valued). I promise to teach you about how to be brave in
sadness and brave in love.
There will be pain, fear, joy and love.
I will be with you, side by side, to guide you through all of it.
I promise to practice gratitude with you so we can feel joy and abundance in all things.
I promise to provide a safe, nurturing home where you have full permission to be who you are.
May you always know how deeply you are loved, how your life shines brightly and how your heart is never alone.


Paint on hands is always a good thing.
Thursday, August 20




She was on a journey back to her wings…
Did you guys know we have small gift books out in the world? Big thanks to @jasituphandstamped
for posting this beautiful look at one the gift books! This page reads
“May you hold fiercely to what matters most.” For those who might be
interested, these are available at the online retailer Garden Gallery!
Scored this beauty at a yard sale last week.

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae


Sending much love,

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