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Aug 17, 2015 | Life in Progress

In the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to integrate some everyday soul work practices into my life. These practices include simple but deeply soul filling things like The Wear Your Joy Project, giving myself eons of permission to create alone time, going to bed early, getting regular massages, working with healers, morning green smoothies, commuting with my bike – things like that. It took me a long time to realize that these simple daily rituals were indeed part of my practice of staying true to who I am, and awakening who I want to become.

One of my favorite practices I’ve been doing for a couple of years involves a nightly ritual. It’s been transformative for me, and I’m feeling called to share it with you.

Here’s what I do. When I fall in bed, I close my eyes. After doing a quick meditation, I count on one hand all the things I’m grateful for from that day. Usually it’s things like “watching True light up during his dancing” , “receiving a kind note from so and so” , “witnessing the sunset” , and so on. I love this gratitude practice. Although I’m not journaling the gratitude, I’m conscious of taking in each gratitude, one by one, breath by breath, until I’ve counted out five. Sometimes I get to five easily and sometimes, on those harder days, it take me awhile. Either way, I am conscious of receiving it all in my body, in my bones.

Then, with the other hand, I count out five things I’ve done well that day. This is harder than it sounds. I started this particular practice because I was noticing how hard I can be on myself despite feeing a sense of accomplishment, peace, and joy. I wanted to fall asleep not just grateful, but knowing I tried to be my best self – everyday. I don’t allow myself to list accomplishments, but rather things that took some intention and consciousness. Things like “asking for what I needed despite the urge to soldier through” , “saying I’m sorry to John, showing up for that moment” , “choosing to not fight a certain battle with my 4 yr old and instead connecting with him” , “being fully present with my family and not multitasking.”

I can’t tell you how HARD this practice started out for me, how difficult it was to come up with five things each evening. But as I made my way through it, it’s helped me honor just how much intention I try and live each day. That’s something to acknowledge, celebrate, and hold up to all the gremlins that come through each day. I encourage you to try it! And let me know how it goes.

Kelly Rae

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Sending much love,

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  3. Warm Quilts

    What a meaningful gratitude practice! I will try this.


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