Weekly Update – Self Care, True Time, and a Big, Exciting Move!

Jan 16, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday January 9

We. Are. Home. Loved our CA vacay, but I’ve never been happier to crawl
in bed. I’ve got full-on sickies over here. Xxo friends. See you on the
flip side. emoji #kellyraeshome
Saturday January 10

I’ve sleeping for hours and hours. Finally got up for more meds and a
change of location on the couch. Meanwhile John went to the store for
more drugs, fluids, and surprised me with a load of decor mags to keep
me busy and lift my spirits. I am so thankful. #awesomehusband #thoughtful #theflu

Another photo from the #Atlantamart from @demdaco. Loving these updates. Show is still happening through the weekend! #kellyraeroberts #productswithsoul

Monday January 12

Feeling a teensy bit better today. One spoonful of this lemon, honey,
and ginger concoction mixed in hot water = good for the sickies. Hope
your Monday is off to a good start friends. I think I’m going to declare
Feb 1 as the new Jan 1. Until then, I’m taking it eeeeaaaassyy.

True likes to write his classmate friends notes when he’s not there.
This was the note he had me dictate today and send via email. He decided
to add “love” before and after his name. Thought that was super cute.
Also like how he sold me out as the one who got the whole family sick.
Love this kid. #trueelioorlando

Tuesday January 13

Finally feeling like I might be on the other side of it. Excited to dive into a little bit of work. Decided to get #dressedupinjoy for the small celebration on felling better. Hooray! This tunic pattern is from #indigojunction and big thanks to my mom for sewing it for me. #thewearyourjoyproject

A reminder to myself. A love note for you. Feel free to tag a friend or two you want to send this to. I’m tagging @matirose @brenebrown and @andreascher @lacylike Xxo #whatyoudomatters #sendlove

My version of True on the left. His on the right. His is waaaay cuter. #thoseears #trueelioorlando

Wednesday January 14

I moved out of my shared studio space (#soulshinestudio
–> scroll to the bottom for the our studio pics) last May and have
been without a true creative space since. Everything has been in storage
minus a few essentials. I have to say that between moving homes last
year along with the studio move along with big (good) transitions in my
business, including new employees (who I LOVE), I have been feeling a
little unmoored, like I’ve been in a holding pattern. The good news? We
get keys this week to my new studio which is an old large (almost 900 sq
feet!) classroom in an historic, renovated high school from the 1800s!
Here’s the “before” shot. Note the original chalkboards and huuugggee
windows. Floor is being painted teal as I write this. Friends, I can
feel in my bones that these last few months were necessary building
blocks of slow and steady movement and waiting. And now with this new
space I can feel it’s time to up the volume. I am crazy excited. I’ll
share the progress of the space as it unfolds. It’s gonna be gorgeous. I
can feel it. #kellyraesstudio

You guys. Sneak peek of a couple of our new scarves. They are so
deliciously artful and soft. I have loved all the scarves we’ve made but
these take the cake. I’m doing a happy dance. They will make their way
out into the world in a couple months. I love making products with
meaning. I really really do.

Thursday January 15

Savoring these last couple of days of working from home. This was a cozy spot in the living room by the fire. Ahhhhhh. #kellyraeshome
Annnnnd we have teal floors. Are you worried? Stick with me. I have a vision! Up next: loads of string lights. #kellyraesstudio

Because who doesn’t play the drums in their queen elsa costume? #lovethiskid #trueelioorlando

Friday January 16

Double tap if you’re with me! I’ve been thinking so much about traveling
light. Hard to do when the layers of life pile up, but I’m determined
to only carry what is mine, and let the rest go. Here’s to breath,
courage, and traveling light. Xxo

You guys. The light. The light! And the original IBM school clock. #sigh Today we bought a couple vintage wooden teacher desks. String lights go up tomorrow. Move in day is Monday. Eeek. #kellyraesstudio

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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