Weekly Update – The Holidays Are Here!

Jan 1, 2016 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, December 18


The local weather forecasters call these moments of passing sunshine in the Northwest “sunbreaks”. When I moved here from FL 16 years ago I thought that term was so funny as I had never heard a meteorologist use that word. Nowadays I live for the sunbreaks and soak em up. Today a sunbreak created some beautiful light in the office/studio and I had to capture it before it was gone.

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Wishing you a truly blessed, beautiful, bountiful holiday. XOXO!

My favorite thing about this Wear Your Joy capture is True’s pink baton on the bench. Totally love that kid. Ps: poncho from my friend Leigh’s boutique @shopmarmalade.

Saturday, December 19


We found something to smile about today. ?




Tuesday, December 22


This Christmas may go down in history as the one where I stayed in bed with a virus. Friends, I’ve been in bed, minus a few hours here and there, since Sunday. And it sucks. I am missing out on all sorts of fun, all sorts of merry making, and magic seeking. I cried so hard about it last night. I’m trying to find the bright side but I may just need to let this one go. Boo.

Wednesday, December 23


It’s a small Christmas Miracle that I feel so much better today. Thanks for all the get well wishes. I have yet to take a shower and get properly dressed and out the door but I’ve been counting my grateful lucky stars alllllllll day that I’m not in bed missing out and that I (luckily) did all my Christmas shopping early. ???????


Friday, December 25


It’s been such a sweet morning watching this kid light up by the magic of it all. His one big ask was for a trombone and he has not stopped playing it for hours. Here he is marching around the block with his “marching band” and having the best time ever. Christmas through his thoughtful delight somehow heals my heart. And our first holiday season with Lulu
has been so great. She’s definitely the family’s biggest gift of the year. Happy holidays everyone! 
And that’s a wrap. It was truly a lovely day with both sets of grandparents at our house. True played his new trombone all day. Lulu chewed cardboard. John made delicious casseroles, three different fondus, and took good care of all of us. The grandparents loved up True and Lulu. And I soaked it all in and took lots of videos and pictures so that my heart can remember it always. And now, at 630pm (up since 5am), True is asleep, grands are gone, and I am pooped. I’m still recovering from three full days of a virus and heading to bed with a full, super thankful heart. I’m also thinking of all the people out there who may be struggling, feeling alone, isolated. I know that place and it’s hard and tricky and confusing especially this time of year. It’s also hard to see lots of “merriness” on the screens sometimes. No doubt this time of year seems to heighten all the feelings of whatever struggle or challenges we may have. I definitely felt that this week myself and struggled to find my way. Here’s what I want to say: Whether you may be celebrating or grieving or somewhere in between, may you know that you are held, that grace is near, that you are not alone. The holidays aren’t just about spreading cheer but also about acknowledging our own blessings while blessing those – who we know and those we don’t- who need us most by holding space for them, praying for them, and seeing their light despite their struggle. Sending peace and love and nothing but light out into the interwebs tonight and always. Big Xxo.

Sunday, December 27


Making some new memories today on a hike out in Columbia River Gorge. This is #lulubutterbutterbean
‘s first hike and she loved it. We are headed for a waterfall in this photo and are bundled up in our winter and rain gear. The plan to go out and about despite the rain is working, friends. Xxo


Monday, December 28


This face kills me. I cannot not look at it and giggle. We love that we named her #lulubutterbutterbean
but sometimes we think she’s a Wilma or Marge. She’s almost five months now and the best dog ever for our little family. Happy Monday!



John gave these boots to me for Christmas. I’m in love. Perfectly warm and waterproof and cozy and stylish for our weather. They’re Martino Boots from Canada I believe. And besides my Old Gringo cowgirl boots, these I think will be a constant favorite.


Tuesday, December 29

May you always beat to your own drum. May you always express your love of color and pattern. And cardigans. May you never dim that bright light of yours. And may you always embrace your quirks, your sensitive nature, and your hilarity. Go True go.


Wednesday, December 30

Since going digital with our photos in 2006, we have not printed our photos into albums. For almost 10 years, they’ve been stored digitally and every year I promise myself that I will print them and for ten years I have not held true to my promise. It’s literally been on my to do list for YEARS. I’ve avoided it mainly because it would be a beast of a project to go through all the photos, edit them, select the ones worth printing, blah blah blah. Something about this winter break has COMPELLED me to tackle this project. Maybe it’s because we are FINALLY not in the midst of some other big project (moving, renovating, moving again (X four), having a baby, changing jobs, etc, etc). Anyway, I want to reminisce. I want to remember. I want True to see his history and story somewhere other than a screen. I want to see our memories with the after glow that always comes with the softening of time. And so. I’m happy to report that I’ve uploaded our 2006-2013 years of photos to these gorgeous
Artifact Uprising photo books. The first one (2006) arrived today and I’m so, so happy. I’m hoping to get caught up with years 2013-2015 before the start of 2016 and keep up from there. Whew! I’m curious how you guys store and print and organize your photos. I need a good system moving forward! Xxo


Thursday, December 31

It’s New Year’s Eve. Definitely my favorite holiday. A time to reflect on the past year, celebrate what went well and forgive myself for the moments and times when I could have chose differently – while also knowing that it’s our mistakes and imperfections that bring the deepest of learning and healing. Truthfully, I’m grateful for it all. But back to today, the eve of a new beginning. My linear self loves the collective, universal fresh start. There’s power in that energy of togetherness. And so much hope. I’m a
ll dressed up in joy and ready to begin 2016 with a boatload of dreams, an open heart, and a willingness to embrace whatever comes my way. Happy New Years, my internet besties. I’m grateful for ya’ll! Xxo


That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!


Kelly Rae


Sending much love,

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