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May 15, 2006 | Life in Progress

how cute is my mom?! it’s mother’s day and today i want to honor my mom. i want to honor her enormous laughter that you can hear clear across the other side of the house when she’s talking on the phone with a friend. i want to honor her amazing creativity that shines through in the way she decorates her home, arranges flowers, and makes funky little assemblages, just to name a few. i want honor her quiet strength as she courageously weaves all of life’s difficulties into opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. i want to honor her red hair and her whimsical, youthful style. i want to honor her commitment to her own mother even though it hasn’t always been easy. i want to honor that she loves american idol just as much as i do. i want to honor her uncanny ability to call me at the very moment i need it. i want to honor her way of letting me find my own way, like moving 3000 miles away, even when it was difficult for her. i want to honor her for sending me cards and care packages almost every week when i left home for college, and how she still sends packages even now, just because. i want to honor her for doing her best to repair her relationships within her family because it gives me the courage to do the same. i want to honor that she is my biggest fan. i want to honor the way she raised me, even in the most difficult of times, especially in those early years. i always knew i was loved, and that has meant the most to a girl whose heart and soul breathes, and reaches, and pulls in the direction of love.

Sending much love,

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  1. Alexandra S

    We are very lucky women to have such wonderful mothers. The older I get, the more I see how many were so sadly denied of this. My mom is my biggest fan too and I miss her every day. We talk by phone but I miss all the day to day stuff, getting together for frappachinos and browsing bookstores, etc. And your mom is lucky too to have you!

  2. Colorsonmymind

    I am sure she is so very honored to have you as her daughter.

    Beautiful women and a beautiful couch.

    I love American Idol too. I actually cried tonight when Katherine sang the second song.

  3. Letha Sandison

    This is a great photo, you look alike!!

    You are lucky to have this relationship, beautiful!!

  4. liz elayne

    a beautiful tribute to your dear friend and mother.

  5. Susannah

    what a beautiful testimony to a daughter’s love

  6. britt

    wow your mom sounds great. i am so happy you have that loving relationship.

  7. M

    This is too lovely, wow!

  8. Jes




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