Weekly Update – Sunny Skies, No Worries, and Heart-Centered Art

Mar 11, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last two weeks, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday February 27

Every morning, my ritual of black loose tea with sugar, and milk. It’s
hard to start my day without. Been in this pattern since 15 years old.
Do you have any long held morning rituals? I love how tea and coffee can
become ceremonious in their prep.

This print available here!

Had a bit of a rough morning over here. A tad overwhelm, a pinch of
self-pity, a sprinkle of frustration at myself. Ahhh, the ebbs and flows
of being human. I believe we are are far too hard on ourselves. Last
year I learned how awakening begins with self-love. It’s a daily (hard)
practice to replace the gremlins with self compassion, gentle
acceptance, and nurturing patience with our own hearts. But the truth is
this: we are each dear, dear, beloved souls here on this remarkable
journey. And we are doing a good job. Of being kind. Of seeking our
highest selves. Of learning. Healing. And being free. Let’s remember to
be kind with ourselves. It’s a huge part of healing, evolving, and
This piece is from 2013 and it reached out to me this morning with its

Current scene in my studio. My girl @lynzeelynx came for an art date. And if you look closely, there’s some hula hooping happening in the background (hi @freewitchnoguilt). This is day got better.

Wore my tunic that was handmade in Bali from my trip in 2013 today. Good
memories, worn with joy today. For those of you who have been following
along in my getting dressed up in joy and The Wear Your Joy Project this last year or so, I’m so excited to announce the ecourse/30 day
practice coming soon. Sign ups will start next week and I’m thrilled to
help bring this community together for this practice. It’s so much
deeper, bigger, more than about our clothes. It’s about reclaiming our
joy, who we are, and making our hearts visible. I hope you’ll join me in
the 30 day practice. Details next week!!!

A good, beautiful, messy day.

Saturday February 28

I now have a full-in addiction to these little guys. And it doesn’t help
having them a short walk from my house. Portlanders, if you haven’t
been to @pipsoriginal, you gotta try it out. Amazing bite sized donuts, local vibes, and a business built on SOUL.

 Sunday March 1

You guys. I put my DIY lamp in a pot and I sort of love it just like
this. Today, I’m working on our guest room and bath that has either been
a storage room or a makeshift KRR office for about a year since we
moved in. Super excited to have it come together. Who wants to come

Really good day. Weekend are feeling really weekendy lately: easy and
fun house projects, lots of chill family time, and now that House Of
Cards has started, binging on Kevin Spacey (are you guys watching?).
Tomorrow I’ve got a big, fun announcement. Stay tuned!!! Xxo and
gooooood night.

Monday March 2

The beginnings of a emojiemoji️wall I started this weekend in our guest room. I am loving how this is unfolding. Here’s to lots of emoji️ this week. Happy Monday!

Dear @westelm, I have not always been a fan, but lately I’m so digging your offerings, especially this adorably quirky piece. Keep it up! emojiemoji

 Tuesday March 3

Happy Tuesday, friends. I made a little collage arrangement out of my
mini manifesto wooden blocks for the studio coffee table and I adore
seeing these truths in the daily. On the list today: strategy meeting
with Nichole, working out the quirks of our new ShipStation for printing
our mailing labels (bye bye PayPal multi-ship), and making a sweet potato Fritata.
I’m all about Fritatas lately! Xxo

Adore this piece my older sister made for me years ago. Such a good reminder.

You guys. I’m really trying (and loving) to cook when in fact I rarely
do it. Today I tried a sweet potato Frittata recipe. And although it
doesn’t look altogether delicious, it IS, and it took like 20 minutes to
make. Thank you @blissholistichealth for the recipe (eggs, sliced sweet pot, onion, cheddar cheese, thyme, oregano, salt, pepper).

We collect our heart rocks and then we give them away. This is our current collection and I love how True likes the hunt, too. @ninabagley inspired me to collect hearts about 9 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Wednesday March 4

They have said it’s the warmest winter on record here in PDX
and I’m certain it must be the sunniest too. Waking up to the sun so
much this year is glorious! Lately, I walk from room to room in the
mornings with my cup of tea and just take in the light with a small
prayer of gratitude for the sunshine and for this house. We moved in a
year ago this month and everyday I am thankful for the journey that
brought us here. 

This print available here!

Friends, how sweet is this scene from @lynnaep?
Those cats are the cutest! Totally loving seeing how you guys are
displaying my products in your homes and shops!

Tree pose in a tree. His love of yoga and anything physical continues to
shine. Still playing music. Still 100% silly, imaginative. He’s been
drawing the most adorable snowmen and yesterday a long skinny weiner
cat. Recently while watching some of his baby videos together he said,
“mama, I really like the way you laugh.” He notices stuff like that.
Totally inspires me.

Thursday March 5

This happened! Look for the first episode in the coming days of The
Possibilitarian Podcast where my Community Care & Engagement Mgr
Nichole and I have conversations about bravery, tenderness and achievement.
This first episode shares the very beginning of my story when I began
to listen to the nudges of becoming an artist. The fear! The opposite of
confidence. The doing it anyway. Stay tuned! Also, Nichole (@freewitchnoguilt) has her own podcast called Happy, Joyous, and Freaking Out. Check it out in her profile.

The light on the studio floor looks like a window. Also, wearing my red
ruby wedding shoes today. And tights. It’s been forever since I wore
them and I adore this mustard color. Also, it’s sunny and 67 in portland

This print available here!
Yes, yes.
The real living – the mundane and awakenings – happen in the messes. And
the mess is every single day, no? The rushing out the door so we’re not
late, the beautiful, but tender exchanges during hard conversations,
the parenting moments when we could have done better, our less than
perfect offerings as friends, teachers, healers, and more.
Life is messy.
And the mess is holy, beautiful, and ripe with meaning.
Here’s to embracing the wholeness of it all.
Kelly Rae
ps: I had so much fun painting this latest piece.

Cherry trees are in bloom. Sun is out. Weather is warm. Grateful Friday is looking up to be a cozy, busy day.

Friday March 6

On the list today: meeting with accountants, lunch with new friends, art
date with an old friend, and admin work squeezed in the nook and
crannies of the day. Got dressed up in joy for the fullness. Slip dress under a tunic I bought from my favorite local boutique years ago (@tumbleweedboutique) under a cropped cardigan. Throw on some skinny jeans and red boots and call it done.

 Not everyday is rainbows and unicorns. But today? It really was. ps: Art by True

I cannot believe how spoiled we are this year in the Pacific Northwest. The sun, the sun, the sun!!!! 

Yep, they still make these style of skates.

Sunday March 8

Sunday. On the agenda: brunch with the amazing @jenlouden,
another friend’s birthday celebration this evening, thinking (and
honoring) International Women’s Day, and worshipping the uncanny,
continued sun in PDX.
But right now? I have the house all to myself for a couple more hours,
and so I’m gonna plop myself in this here dining room and write my heart
out on a certain something project I’m excited about. Stay tuned!

Beautiful day. Even managed to sneak in a nap this afternoon and meet
some new friends this evening. I can feel my local community/friendships
opening up and that feels so good. Such good people in the world and
here in PDX.
Inspired by them all. Also, the angels have been sending lots of signs
lately. Today is was 11:11 and hearing the story (Buddhist story?) of
burning down the barn in order to see the moon TWICE within two hours
today. Have you heard it? It was new and powerful for me.

Monday March 9

This print available here!

Painted I believe in 2007. An oldie but goodie. Happy Monday, friends.  

 One of my truths and one of my favorite photographs ever. Here’s to love, always. Framed photo by my friend @hulaseventy.

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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