Weekly Update – Wearing my Joy, Angels, and True Inspiration

Feb 27, 2015 | Life in Progress


I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last two weeks, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday February 20

Today it’s skinny jeans (pilcro brand, perfect and so comfortable for muffin top), boots, and a long shirt under a lace vest under a jacket that I’ve had for approximately 10 years. #dressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject

Note to self. #silencethenoise #getquiet #goinward One of my favorite paintings I’ve ever made ;). PS – it is available in my shop right here!

Saturday February 21 

We put up a little reminder in our dining room inspired by True’s “have fun on planet earth” mantra. Here’s to a joyful weekend. On the agenda: a few small house projects and play. Also, Bella’s daisies are still going strong. #thanksbella #wemissyou

And then there were two. #ilikecolor #andruffles #kellyraeshome

I have been wanting to sand this piece down and make it all chippy for about 10 months. Today it finally happened. I love its imperfectness. #weekendproject #kellyraeshome #chippypaint 

 Sunday February 22

I haven’t seen it yet but apparently this is a huge wishing tree in north portland. Holy smokes, I love this so much. Thank you Melanie @whimsykitten for sending this to me. Totally going to take True. #wishingtree #nopo #pdx

The boys are out and about today and I have the entire house and sunshine to myself for a few hours. Ahhhhhh. Spruced up True’s room today and although it never really looks like this (#imperfectlivingisbest) I do appreciate this tidy glimpse every now and again. emoji#kidroom #littleboyroom ps: True picked out the paint color: #marlboroblue by benji moore. Curtains handmade (thanks mom!) #kellyraeshome

This is my “now, where have you been, so nice to see you” face for what I’m certain is my long lost BFF shirt. If there are spirit animals, can there be spirit shirts? If so, this is mine. And I took it home today. Thanks, #anthro. #green #bffshirt #allofthissunshineismakingmesilly

More #angels the last few days. #thankyou #grateful

Monday February 23

Not what, but who. #notetoself This is an older piece, but still a fave. Happy Monday , friends. #kellyraeroberts signed print available in my shop! #pdxartist PS – this print is available in my shop right here.

Hey friends. So excited to announce the launch of The Possibilitarian Podcast coming in March. My co-host Nichole and I will delve into all things Possibilitarian – exercising our creativity, taking risks, finding inspiration, spiritual quests – PLUS we’ll be answering your questions and talking to special guests. I’m recording my first episode this week (OMG!), and we need your help! Are there topics, specific questions, stories, or thoughts that you’d like to hear more about from me? If so, please tell me! Comment here or send me an email at hello@kellyraeroberts.com (include Possibilitarian Podcast in the subject line). This has been on the dream list for quite some time, and I’m thrilled it’s finally happening. Beginning with our first episode in March, podcasts will be available on my website as well as on iTunes (free). #makingdreamsreal #hellopodcastworld #podcast #bravery #tenderness #achievement #kellyraeroberts #lovemyjob

I’m done. Cooked. Drenched in four year old sweetness over here. We surprised True with a note in his lunchbox and his unexpected reply was almost too much for my heart to stand. #gah #love #trueelioorlando

Having a bit of a slow morning. Super thankful John is back home, that our little family is falling back into our “normal” routine. Life feels incredibly GOOD lately and I’m taking notice. My old default in times like these was to wonder when the shoe was going to drop, or at least anticipate when it would end. Something about getting older, learning to lean into joy, experiencing gratitude vs dress rehearsing doom – it’s clicking in big ways for me these days and makes these good days feel that much more saturated in enjoyment. #grateful I love that there is so much to learn and cultivate both in times of struggle and in times of joy. #alwayslearnin #seeking #discoveringjoy #flow


 Tuesday February 24

Today it’s skinny jeans (not your daughters jeans – love them), a long polka dot tank under flowy green shirt under a belt under a gifted vest. Hello layers. #thewearyourjoyproject #dressedupinjoy 

Found this mid century piece in a junk store over the weekend. I immediately thought of John, that he would love it too. He DID love it and it now sits on the mantel and I just keep going back to it. #treasure #surroundyourselfonlywithwhatyoulove

LOVE this photo from Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras student @lilyuchin!! Come join in on the fun, registration is open for this self-paced course! Check out my website for all the info! #hellosoulhellomantras #kellyraeroberts #somuchfun

Current view on my painting table. #wip #flowers #collage #kellyraeroberts

Loooong day for me. But the reflection in the windows? I’ll take it. #littlethings #stringlightsmakeeverythingbetter #goodnight #kellyraesstudio

Wednesday February 25

It reads, “your heart will never be alone.” A piece for our sisters, our besties, and anyone else whose heart we adore. Send some virtual love and tag anyone you want to share some love with today. #love #besties #sisters #bffs #heart #collage #painting #pdxartist #kellyraeroberts

You guys have been asking how the skirted stools come together. This
morning I put the last skirt in the last stool. It’s as simple as using a
glue gun to attach the skirt to the stool. As for the skirt, I’ve used
ruffle aprons bought from Pier 1 for about $12 or from etsy. For this
latest batch though, I bought coordinating fabric (and pieces of an old
favorite skirt that will never fit me anymore). My mom then made the
ruffles with her handy ruffle sewing foot on her sewing machine. Result?
Love. We’ve got three stools for the kitchen island and all this color
and personality make a huge difference. #diy #success! #gluegunproject #ruffles!

#hi Crazy grateful for this space. It inspires to keep pushing forward in my mission, even on those days when overwhelm is close by, which is inevitable when passion is in the equation. #lovemyjob #kellyraesstudio 
I love his flower drawings. #treasure #trueelioorlando 
Thursday February 26

Throwing it back to a five month (ish) old #trueelioorlando. He had the rounded head. Once, we had a babysitter that wondered if he ever made a peep. He was so quiet and calm that I remembered getting concerned. Turns out he was just a quiet little observer of a fella. This photo captures his laid back style. #love

Yes. Yes it does. #kindness #radiatekindness

Dear #pdx #portland, I adore you. #quirkycity Also, I want one of these in my backyard!

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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