Weekly Update – A Double Dose of Insta-Goodness!

Feb 20, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last two weeks, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday February 6

See that little white boxy thing on the left? That’s our happy light. As
much as we love the PNW it can totally be disorienting in the winter
when you don’t see the sun, sometimes for weeks. And so. We keep our
happy light in the kitchen and turn it on each morning while doing our
morning stuff. And it works! Its daily dose of bright light does indeed
help to keep the seasonal blues away. @lisacongdon and @clay_walsh this will be my “welcome to PDX” gift to you. I can’t wait for you guys to get here and brighten up the PNW!

Saturday February 7 

Today I am getting to some house projects and I’m so glad how our stairwell came together!

I am currently working on bringing this family fort room together. John
had the idea to hang a ladder with light bulbs over the couch. Today I
am trying to pull together the space above the ladder with baskets and
our globe collection. Just started and I’m super excited to see how this
turns out. Stay tuned!

Finally! Our family fort room is near complete and I’m a digging the
vibe. Gonna fill out the globes a bit but omg, I’m in love. In love!!! #familyroom #design #decor #kellyraeshome

 Sunday February8

Totally love it when the weekend feels weekendy. And this has been a
good one filled with family, house nesting, and friends. Ahhhh, I can
sense that life is settling in. Feels awesome. 

Totally scored this adorable chair at Home Goods. I COULD NOT resist. Gonna put it in our dining room. #happychair

My old studio mates and dear friends @lynzeelynx and @florabowley
came to see my new space today. We did a little recorded conversation
about how we each seek and collect inspiration as artists. I was
reminded that it wasn’t that long ago that I was not living a creative
artful life and it would not have occurred to me in those days to
practice the art of SEEING, finding, and somehow recording (photos,
journals) that which I find inspiring. It’s a process of unearthing who
we are, discovering in those nudges of inspiration what delights us. And
what delights us is a big clue along the path of finding the life that
most fits who we are. Anyway, I love that I have soul sisters that geek
out in conversations such as these. #soul #creativity #inspiration #kellyraesstudio

Monday February 9

My biz manager @february13creative
is in town for a couple of days of strategy, brainstorming, and
creative work. Here she is with Nichole (my lovely communications mgr @freewitchnoguilt)
sitting on my old KRR couch (sadly, no longer in production). I cannot
tell you how much these two ladies have impacted my biz life in such
positive ways. How adorbs are they? #lovethem

 Tuesday February 10

Ok you guys. Can you guess which one is the original and which one is the reproduction? I’ll share the answer later today!

For those of you who guessed the original was on the left, you were
right! What I loooovvveee about our reproduction canvases is that the
color is so well done, and the actual canvas is well made AND super
affordable. This is my 7th year partnering with @demdaco
for wall art and I’m still loving how these canvases anchor all that we
do and how well they represent my originals. For those of you who
asked, you can purchase this reproduction and many many more online. One
of my favorite online retailers that carry my stuff is Garden Gallery
(you can google them) as they carry just about every single canvas
reproduction I’ve ever done. #lovewhatido! #kellyraeroberts #kellyraesproducts

Wednesday February 11

Just had the most amazing session with Mandy, an energy healer here in
Portland. I saw her once a few years ago when I was struggling with new
mom and birth trauma stuff and it made a HUGE difference. This time I
saw her just because (no big clear thing to adjust) and it was just as
powerful. I’m so thankful for ALL the ways in which we can learn to
harness our spiritual, mental, and physical expansion. I learned so much
today and am inspired to step further into my highest self/purpose. #inspired #thesebootswillhelp #itallmatters #energyhealing

Feeling mighty mighty grateful this week. #thankyoulife #feelingit #flow #love

Thursday February 12

Big thanks to @stylish_living_apex
for tagging my newest angel. It’s a “survivor” angel and possibly my
favorite one we’ve created. It reads, “May you surrender your fear to
immense faith and trust. And may you stay brave knowing that you are not
alone, that you are supported and loved, and that your journey deeply
matters.” Xxo #kellyraesproducts #survivor ps: I believe online retailer Garden Galley Iron Works has this angel in their online shop.

Today. So thankful for the unusual warmth and sunshine today. The sun
put me in a mega good mood despite being so tired (my energy lately had
been way down. I’m thinking I’m just getting older). Also, we bought
these flowers right after Bella died. Actually True saw them and said,
“These are Papa’s favorite flowers and we should buy them for him
because he is soooooo sad.” And so we did because daisies are indeed his
favorite flowers (loved that True remembered that about John). Anyway,
that was two weeks ago. I can’t help but connect Bella’s uncanny
longevity of life to the uncanny longevity of these daisies. Call me
crazy but I heard recently that crazy is actually perfection. And she
and these flowers are perfect together. #signs #sheisstillhere

Whoa. #sogood #rise

Friday February 13

Hard to believe we moved into our home almost a year ago. Since moving
my work space out of my home (and not being there most of the day), I
have renewed energy and inspiration to finally finish decorating and
tackling some DIY projects. This week I’ve been working on pulling our
kitchen together with some colorful fabrics. These are soon to be ruffle
skirts for our island stools. Cannot wait! #kellyraeshome #gettingthere


After. Love how the curtains bring focus to the farm sink and add a pop of color to this room. Getting there! #kellyraeshome

Eeeeek. The wallpaper I ordered for a little kitchen office nook just
arrived. Omg, I love it even more in person. Annnnd, I just talked my
mom into coming over to help me hang it as I’m not certain I know how!
It’s by #hyggeandwest and designed by @riflepaperco.

He’s getting impossibly big. Last night I rocked him like a baby (bad
dream) and as he fell asleep in my arms it occurred to me how much I
missed the baby rocking days. And then today we snuggled a bit more in
the afternoon and it was just bliss. Today John was telling True how he
once broke his nose while playing soccer. True immediately asked, “Did
your mommy take care of you?” I realized in that little moment that that
is how he sees my role as his mama. As the one who nurtures boo boos
and hard times. Such a gift, this parenting thing. The other day he
said, “I love you for ever and ever and ALL DAY LONG.” You too, buddy. #forever #alldaylong #trueelioorlando

Saturday February 14


After. LOVE!!!! Huge thanks to my mom for hanging the wallpaper for us! I
have a couple more touches to do but loving how our kitchen office nook
is coming together. Paper is #hyggeandwest designed by @riflepaperco #kellyraeshome

I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day person. But I’m definitely a fan of #love, a believer of soul mates, and a seeker of connections during our traveling journeys in life. #loveeveryday PS – this print available in my shop right here!

Sunday February 15

Got my hair did. emoji #dressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject 

Totally geeking out at the flowers and light in our home today. The move
last year, the patience it’s taken….totally worth it. The slow food
movement makes me want to start a slow decor movement. It takes time to
make a house a home, no? This has been a great teacher for me, this
process. #grateful #kellyraeshome #slowdecor #decor #design #vintage #houselove

Friends, it’s no secret that I am not a cook. Food, in general, is hard
for me. To stop and eat it. To make it. To eat what’s considered
nutritious. Other than my almost daily green smoothie, I struggle. But, I
am trying and today I actually made three delicious and easy things in
prep for the week inspired by @blissholistichealth.
1) a pizza frittata (eggs, spinach, tomato, pepperoni) 2) advocado,
spinach and basil dip 3) all natural cocoa balls with almonds and dates.
Can I get an amen? Here’s to slowly making better choices all around.
Last year I tackled sleep (I now get a lot of it) and a spiritual
practice. This year I’d like to focus my intention on FOOD.  #wellness #foodwellness

Just looked up from cooking and THE LIGHT is slaying me today. Gah, thank you #pdx weather gods. We all needed the sun for our mental health. Also, I am loving how the living room is coming together. #almostdone #kellyraeshome

Monday February 16

May your Monday be rockin. Love, True #trueelioorlando

Weekend DIY project success. I have a think for ruffle skirts on stools.
And I’m just super thankful that my mom helped with this and that John
appreciates and supports my house ideas. #beforeandafter #kellyraeshome #decornerd #diy

 Totally INSPIRED. Check out @skidrobot. And thank you @justinablakeney for the introduction. #helpthepoor #artsaves

Tuesday, February 17

First layer. #collage #lovewhatido #kellyraeroberts

Layer two. #paintingday #kellyraeroberts #collage #paint #pdxartist

That’s twice this week that I’ve got 1:11. #angels

Today I just piled on the layers: a long sleeve shirt under a slip dress
under a lace tank under a ruffly hand me down vest. Threw on a belt and
boots and called it artsy. #thewearyourjoyproject #dressedupinjoy #ilikelayersinmypaintingsandinmyclothes

We weren’t together on Valentines Day but at the exact moment he called
to say, “will you be mine?”, he looked up and saw this heart on the
wall. Whoa! He snapped a photo and texted it to me. #signs #angels #universe #hearts
We’ve been together 15 years. Some amazing, some hard, but our paths
always lead us toward one another, even when it has taken some time.
I’m just grateful to have had a significant amount of years and
experiences (high and low) together that I know we can get through and
celebrate and appreciate and learn and experience all that life gives us
together. When I was younger I swore I’d never get married or have
kids. I’m enormously grateful I met him and instantly changed my mind.
We have been guiding each other’s souls toward healing and joy ever
since. #reallove #notalwayseasy #butworththeeffort #soullove 
Wednesday February 18
Home with my little guy today. On the to do list: lounge and play. Repeat. 

We call this the February tease in #pdx.
It will be back to rain and grey in a minute and some of us will
remember the tease with fondness for the reprieve while some of us will
wish it never arrived because it feels like torture to have it only to
loose it. #lifeinportland I love these glimpses of spring. Heart=full 

Loving how @motleyturtlearts styled my wall canvases with the JOY sign! WOW, love love love seeing how you guys style my products!

Today it’s slip dress under a long sweater over jeans, paired with a mustard scarf and my favorite red boots. #dressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #ilikecolor

You guys. True and I made a #fairygarden today in our front yard. I am totally in love and I may have enjoyed this WAY to much for a soon to be 40 year old. #swoon

Love that our gnome has a painting set. #fairygarden

True gave Buddha a box of donuts. emoji #fairygarden

Friends, I’m on my 8th day of solo parenting. Three more days to go. Here are my current thoughts: how do single parents do it? emoji How do stay at home parents do it? emoji
I am loving all this time with him and also loving going to bed at
approx 830pm and waking at 6am. I’m doing a great job keeping the house
moving, food, cleaning, kid activities, schedules and energy up and I’ve
had to very tightly squeeze work hours in while also squeezing in the
quiet soul care time. Thankful for my parents help and grateful True is a
pretty easy going naturally happy kid. But still. I am tired by 4pm and
have a renewed appreciation for John’s stay at home papa role. But
still. I have really loved and cherished these last many days. All this
24/7 play and silliness and sweetness has been good for the soul. #onlyfouronce

Thursday February 19

Hello Thursday. Let’s do this. #shine #celebrate #surrender PS – this piece available in my print shop right here

Back at it in the studio today. Working on a couple of fun deadlines
(alivelines) while dreaming about building a staircase up the tree for
our new fairy garden (told you I was obsessed). #paintingday #lovewhatido #daydreaming

Current view. #paintingday #blessed
“Have fun on planet Earth!” We’ve been talking a lot about heaven
(spirit world), stars, rockets, Earth, why we are here. Millions of
questions and I try to answer each one honestly and respectfully. I’m
learning four year olds are way smarter than I ever imagined. Mixed in
with these conversations, he’s been asking what “fortunate” and
“unfortunate” means and coming to his own conclusions that the world is a
magical place, that we are fortunate to be here, and we should all
enjoy ourselves. So. The other morning, after several days of these
conversations, he came to me and asked if I would tell him how to spell,
letter by letter, the phrase he wanted to write that was in his head.
And this is what came out. #love It’s his conclusion, his mantra I suppose, and it’s a good one. Gah, I adore this kid. He is an awesome teacher. #trueelioorlando #enjoylife #earth #havefun #mantra

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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