neti pot.

Mar 1, 2010 | Life in Progress

today, i got desperate and finally used the neti pot for the first time. it was so hilarious that john video tapped the whole experience and we had an enormous laugh as we watched the play back. the truth is is that i’m working my way through and i’m doing the very best i can though my heart is weary in those ways that happen when our bodies are simply worn thin and just about everything feels heavy and hard to do. john’s been in alaska (alaska!) for the last 10 days and boy was it a sweet homecoming when i picked him up yesterday at the airport. there’s nothing worse than being alone when you’re feeling so under the weather that you don’t quite feel like yourself.
things lifting my spirits this week:
* answering YOUR questions over on this site. go ahead. ask me anything. i’m answering the questions over on twitter. because, you know, i love to procrastinate and this q+a site helps me do just that.
* this photo that andrea took long ago. makes me miss summer sooooo much.
* you guys are sending me pics of product display sightings in Hallmark stores nationwide. crazy! i haven’t been yet, but i can’t tell you how fun it is to hear the stories of “i walked into hallmark, and there you were!” i am so grateful.
* the fact that we are moving in four short weeks to portland. for those of you in the portland area, i’m going to need a studio assistant fairly soon. if you know anyone, please let me know. i’ll post details soon of exactly what i’m looking for, but for now, it’s suffice to say i’ll definitely need someone fairly soon.
* a long conversation with friend liz elayne. i love unexpected looonnnggg chats (thanks, liz).
* my bff had her 2nd baby last nite (at home!). it’s a boy and he is precious.
* taking flight has reached over 100 reviews on amazon! amazing. thank you so much!
* talking to my mom yesterday. i didn’t want to get off the phone.
* the bachelor, keeping up with the kardashians, and other very bad tv shows that make me love them anyway.
more soon!

Sending much love,

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