NEW ART: Our impossibility is our greatest gift

Aug 4, 2014 | My Creative Practice

(This new print reads, “Our impossibility is our greatest gift” and is available here. It arrives signed, matted, and ready to frame)
“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” – C.R. Swindoll

You know how they say that every crisis is an opportunity? When I was in my 20s, interning as a social worker, I began to witness this truth. I saw elderly men who were strong in spirit yet becoming quite frail, impossibly ask for, and then accept, help. I saw broken families reconnect over a sick child. I saw people with long term addictions take their first step toward recovery. I saw cancer survivors reawaken to their lives. I learned that it’s true what they say. Every crisis really is an opportunity for personal growth. For spiritual awareness. For connection and community. For making the impossible, possible.
But sometimes our impossibilities show up differently. Instead of a full on crisis, they show up as everyday whispers. I call them Impossibility Whispers. My impossibility whispers reawakened my life years ago when I began to listen to their insistence that I put some paint down on paper and begin a creative life, despite having zero training as an artist. All of these years later, the impossibility whispers continue: write that book, say yes to that speaking gig, slow down, get more help. They seem downright impossible, but I’ve learned they are not. Instead, they’re pointing me toward what is truly calling me. And that’s something worth listening to.

I deeply believe in the power of listening to our inner voices and inspirations that nudge us to dream bigger, to simply begin, to acknowledge what is calling us.  No matter where we are in our journeys, the impossibility whispers of our lives want us to take notice, to nurture their message and to discover our own potential. Whether they’re quietly nudging us from time to time with long periods of silence in between, or annoying us with their persistence, their presence is important and meaningful. We must listen. It may just be a whisper, a small voice tucked deep inside the pockets of your heart, but really, it’s our life’s possibility calling us.

So, go ahead, friends. Claim your impossibility whispers. Write them down. Release them into the universe. See what happens. And begin to see how your impossibilities are perhaps your greatest gift.

Sending much love,

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