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May 7, 2012 | Life in Progress

    Self portrait today 
(self portrait via my continued obsession with Instagram)
It’s been picking up around here in inspiration, outings with friends, and more. I wanted to share a few notes from around here lately….

radiate possibility   
(New print available here. Original sold)

A couple of minutes on Danielle’s site, and I’m energized. What I love about her is that she invites others to unapologetically play big (very big) inside the arena of intentional practice to expand our horizons in smart, soulful, sassy ways both in life and in biz. I just adore her and how she just radiates possibility. Her new book (which is getting major raves) is on the way and I can’t wait to dive in.
 The amazing @florabowley and @lynzeelynx in my studio and on the couch!
A visit with creative friends Flora and Lynzee – both incredibly energizing. My lunches with Flora always turn into 3 hour gab fests, which I just love and Lynzee is crazy funny and endearing. One of the perks of having a studio outside of the house is that people come and visit and linger and have tea and go shopping and eat sushi with me across the street. Love it.
seeker of light

 (Seeker of light, print available here, original sold)

I believe that seeking light, truth, possibility, peace, grace – all of
these things are hidden treasures to be found along the way in
unexpected places. Lately, my treasure hunt has been taking me to
unexpected places that have me opening up to new ideas, new experiences. I’ll have to tell you about my experience a couple of months ago when I went to see an energy healer. I’m still thinking about it. One thing I’m learning lately is that our energies aren’t just vibrations felt by those around us, but that our energies often need realignment, healing, and care, that they travel well beyond the containers in which we house them (our bodies). More thoughts on this soon, but it’s changing my perspective, for sure.

(my loot from Jennifer’s art sale)

I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Mercede’s art. A few years ago, I discovered her art in one of my favorite Portland boutiques. After that I pretty much sent her an email and insisted that we be friends (it worked!). Luckily, I talked her into letting me help set up for the big sale (imagine a three level house filled to the brim with amazing art everywhere) she had this week which meant I got first dibs on the art. I’m counting the entire experience a major score. Thank you, art gods! Thank you, Jennifer!

19 months and new words every day. Seriously cool being mama to a toddler. 
And then there is True. Can you believe he’s 19 months old? I cannot. I also cannot believe how he tells us when he’s about to go #2 and then proceeds to say “poo poo bye bye” while he looks down at his diaper and waves goodbye.  It’s hilarious. And yes, we’re taking the cues and starting potty training asap. Also, can someone explain the Elmo fascination? I swear, he caught a glimpse ONCE of Elmo at the grandparents house and now it’s “Elmo plleeeaaassseee” all day long.

Sending much love,

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